Saturday, January 27, 2007

Europe Day 3 (PART 2): Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC

Tuesday, 19 Dec 2006

Moldau Lunch Cruise

In the afternoon, we boarded a private boat to see beautiful vistas of Prague during a one and a half hour cruise along the Vltava river. We had lunch with aperitif, drink and live music entertainment. It is one hell of a heaven!

Our first time trying tastes little bit liquid medicine

Beautiful Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge (originally called the Stone bridge or the Prague Bridge) is the most prominent feature in Prague. It is a famous historical bridge that crosses the Vltava river. The bridge which was to be a substitute for the Judith Bridge that had been destroyed started its construction in 1357 under the orders of King Charles IV (hence the name of the bridge), and completed in 15th century.

Charles Bridge is demarked by two unequal towers. A younger one was built in sixtees of the 15th century in late Gothic style. The older one which is the main tower, namely the Old Town Bridge Tower, is one of the most striking construction of its kind in existence.

According to a legend, said that workers used to add raw eggs into mortar so that the sandstone blocks can be fixed together solidly.

The bridge served as a trade route between east and west Europe in the old ages. Nowadays, it is a heaven for craft, souvenirs and trinket stalls. There were musicians playing their music while you enjoying the beautiful views. The ambience is truly memorable!

The Old Town bridge tower is one of the most astonishing civil gothic-style buildings in the world.

Karolo Quarto statue

Christmas Market at The Old Town Square

We saw these interesting street signs and I just couldn't comprehend it.

Jan Hus Monument. Protestant Reformist preacher Jan Hus, a Czech hero who was burnt at the stake for his beliefs.

Fooooooood time......!!

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