Monday, January 08, 2007

I'm back!

......back to my little nest, back to reality, back to my working life. Sigh! The 4 week holiday was not short, but doesn't seem to be enough. It's never enough!

My biological clock has gone nuts! Switching like 4 times in a month! My whole lifestyle is now in a mess :( That's really shit ok!

I brought back a mountain of goodies of course. Shoes, clothes, glasses, bags, DVDs, blah blah blah and all never ending list. It took me the whole afternoon to unpacking all my stuff and only now I have a little bit of time to update my 'frozen' blog.

Ok, so what did I do in Kuching for the past week? Hmm.....LOTS!! Well, needless to say much, what else can you do in Kuching but EAT. Nothing but eat, eat and eat! I had 6 meals a day almost everyday. Food in Kuching is just too good to pass. We gluttons eat like there is no tomorrow. I managed to complete my whole list of "food to eat" (no kidding man, I had my list all drawn up even before I left NZ!) And in no time, I've gained back the 1.5 kg I lost in a day while returning from Europe the week before. How and why? FOOD POISONING!! Damn it! Vomitting more than 10 times in the plane and serious diarrhoea. My condition was so bad that I almost miss the plane. NOT FUNNY!

Anyway, back to Kuching. I didn't shop much in Kuching. Too tired to shop when dragging a full stomach all the time. I felt too heavy to walk, to try out dresses and clothes, even to browse around. Haha! We also caught up with some friends over a table of food/drinks! Apart from our usual kopitian, restaurant and food stalls, 4 more eating places have been added into my "been there done that" list - Exza, Mango Tree thai restaurant, Rock Road Seafood restaurant and Sin Soon Lee Seafood restauran at Ching San. I've also tried some wild taste - goat, wildboar and the turtle like river creature (don't know what it is called). The taste? Not bad! Not bad at all!

A night with durians

My favourite orange meat wild durian!

Yum~~~~I was on cloud 9~~~~

with my niece, very chatty cute little gal

Lunch @ Sin Soon Lee Seafood restauran at Ching San

The Malay kid on the far right in blue shirt was pestering us for "car watch" money. Apparently this is the experience that one can never missed at Ching San! We ignored him.

View from the restaurant

The beach was full of this kinda weird looking amphibian

My nephew

Pandan coconut. It tastes so much nicer than the normal ones.

Fried squid with dried chilli

Grouper - 石斑魚

Crispy pan fry egg with oyster! (my favourite!!)

Mussels steamed with Chinese wine

When we were back to the carpark, the Malay kid was still persisting with his "car watch" money. We gave him RM2 but he insisted RM3!! (O_O)!! What the hell? He didn't do shit (car watch is just a name for free money) and still wanted more?! We didn't gave in and drove the hell off there!

Buying crabs on our way back

5 meaty crabs for RM20 only!!

Catch up with friends @ Exza

Family photo portrait session

Gone the old specs

My new specs! Shocking pink colour frame with a bit of glitter!

House of horror?

Came across this house when we were driving pass a street. I thought this kinda scene would only be seen in those Hong Kong movie?
If you can't read Chinese, it basically says "pay back the money you owe". Must be from those loan sharks.

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