Thursday, February 01, 2007

A break from eastern Europe

My blog has recently been all about my Europe trip, nothing but the trip. I'm not sure about y'all but I certainly need a break from this instalment. It's just too much (for me anyway) that even I myself find it boring and dull. Not that I have more exciting stuff to share but may be diverging from Europe would be a little refreshing, no?

I have been busy since my holiday, you know, the usual houseworks and errands in order to set my life back to status quo. Things like grocery shopping, settling the bills, washings, gardening, tidying my shopping catches, photos processing, bloggings and all. It's been 3 weeks and am still clearing my backlogs. Then, on top of all these, I also engage myself in the new Taiwanese series "花样少年少女", a very funny series which helps loosen me up :)

There were actualy three disasters we had to deal with when we're back. Rick's fish had died. "Cha Siao Bao" and "Kolap", we are so sorry......and will always remember you...:(

Then, our postbox was damaged, causes not found.

and that's not it, half of my lavenders had withered

So there you go, the aftermath of my 4-week holiday.

Not good, no good at all :(

Anyway, as a side note, we had a very yummy breakfast this morning at Kipp Cafe down at Lambton Quay.

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