Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Europe Day 12: Last day in Paris, FRANCE

28 Dec 2006

Our last day in Paris (and Europe). I had caught a cold so wasn't up for an intensive sightseeing. It was just a leisure morning. We checked out of the hotel and went out for a bit of walk.....

Paris Opera House

Then, we decided to pop into a Chinese restaurant just opposite our hotel for a proper lunch. Hey, it's the last day of our trip anyway, no point keeping the euro in the pockets right?


The bloody Chinese Yeung Chow fried rice had turned everything upside down! Hours later when we got all checked in at the Paris international airport, shit happened. Yeah, I mean shit literally! I started having serious diarrhoea. 3 times in the airport, then countless times through out the flights from Paris to Frankfurt then to Singapore. But wait, that's not it! While I was on the plane leaving Paris to Frankfurt, I started vomiting. While we were transiting at Frankfurt, I could barely walk. My limbs were cold and numbed. I felt like tonnes of stone on my head. Rick had to push me in the luggage trolley to get to the gate. We successfully got on the plane, then the series of vomiting continued. Only when I finally vomited my heart out (ok, this is exaggerating) and cleared my stomach then I started settling down. I guess there was nothing left to vomit, it has been drained empty!

I lost 2 kgs in just 20 hours that's how serious it was! I didn't have any food intake at all apart from water for the following day. My stomach needed a slow jump start.

Yes, I knew it was food poisoning. No doubt. My past experiences assured that.

Moral of this story? None! I was just plain unlucky. %&#$*@#&!


Liwan said...

omg!! Poor thing...that's the worst thing to happen during travelliing!!!

Doreen said...

Exactly! That was hell! May be I should consider myself lucky that it happens on my last day in Europe.