Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Health check

Had my health check done today, and the flu jab too. So I should be all set for the winter ahead, I hope? (Bring it on winter, I fret you no more!)

Am very pleased with the results. My BMI, blood pressure, blood glucose and cholesterol levels are all within normal range. *pat myself on the back*

My left arm is sore....can't even lift it half way up (T_T), taking shower would definitely be a challenge!

On a different note, an unexpected gift from a lovely travel agent has made my day! Theresa has been taking care of my travel arrangements since 2 years ago. I'm one happy customer. This gift voucher really caught me by surprise. Thank you Theresa! (^_^)

I better book my facial session soon aye?

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eve said...

aiyo..draw little bit blood oni ma..so pain meh?..hehee..kesian..

Doreen said...

Oh it is the flu jab actually on my left shoulder. Bruising type of sole but has already gone away liao (^_^)

Zen said...

It's interesting. The 'checklist' looked like your test report. Science 0, Physics 0, Accounting 0.hahaha. I suppose 0 is good in this case.

Since we are on the health subject. I never had health insurance in NZ because I was covered by ACC. But here in Australia, I am not covered by Medicare. Sam is cuz he's NZ citizen but I am still waiting for my PR.

Anyway, I got a private health cover last year. Now I tried to get the most out of it such as using the dental and optical to the fullest. I just ordered in some Aqua Dailies contact lenses that was covered by this health fund. hehehe