Thursday, May 31, 2007

My cute phone straps

Rick was laughing at my mobile phone the other day, it was the mobile straps to be exact. The incident take place when we were in a bank waiting for some paper works to be processed. I pulled out my mobile to txt a friend while waiting, it was then Rick started to make fun of me and my beloved mobile phone.

Rick: Eh, you should seriously consider taking off those little toys hanging around your phone
Doreen: (0_0)!! Why? What's wrong with them? They're cute!
Rick: They don't match well with what you're wearing
Doreen: Huh? Need to match with my clothes?
Rick: Haiya, you see, you're dressing like a professional and just imagine while you were talking to your boss or someone important and suddenly you pull out your mobile phone looking like that. It's like identity clashed or something. People would be like, "What the..?"
Doreen: Is it really that bad? *checking the toys and trying to match with my outfit*
Rick: If I pull out my wallet with those pokemon cartoons all over it, what do you think? *laughing non-stop*
Doreen: ok, point taken......(-_-)

That bad huh?

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LB said...

Maybe it's inappropriate for a professional guy to carry a wallet stuck full of pokemon stickers. But as long as everything is in moderation, I guess it's ok, mah! If my Boss carries her Hello Kitty handphone around, I think that's so cute! LOL..

c2 said...

what is that "furry" thing???? so cute......we are having holiday from 30th to 3rd.... 'song' rite??? but i still got to work 3 out of these 5 days holiday.... xian!!!!

eve said... tell you the truth , I dun quite like the fluffy stuff..but the other one is's up to you la..watever you feel comfy with , you go ahead with it...

Doreen said...

lb: Yeah, agree!

c2: That furry thing? I picked up from Kuching, don't know what it's called but basically a fur ball attached to a pig. I think it is some sort of a newly introduced cartoon character.

eve: It's ok, not many ppl like that fur ball coz' it's potientially contagious. I'm keen to see how long before it turns yellow. Hehehe

may said...

nah, that's not bad! I used to have dangles on my phone too. I don't these days 'cos paiseh, the angmohs will think it strange... lol!

Doreen said...

may: Oh, so it's not that bad after all. Hehehe. I hope my boss wouldn't find it strange or may be he didn't even notice my phone! Have to hide hide then. Hehe

Chen said...

my phone is totally "naked" :P

phd猛男 said...

absolutely correct.

is it not a hassle whenever you answer a call you got to flick those dangling things backward?

Liwan said...

they look fine to me leh. hahaha the flurry thing looks like a make shift blusher even kekekeke. I think they're ok but it's really up to u. Although i don't have any mobile accessories because they kind of get in my way LOL.

Doreen said...

chen: Naked is good! hehehe

phd猛男: hello you! (^_^). Emm....good point but I guess because I don't receive many calls so not quite a hassle yet. Hehehe

liwan: Blusher? Hahaha, you're not the first one making such comment.