Thursday, June 07, 2007


It's June already! Suddenly, half year has passed in just a flick of eye. Gone, just like that! Time no longer flies, but rockets. It's scary. Don't know if it is the age thing, I couldn't recall caring much about time when I was young. Be it flies, rockets or crawls. May be I was too busy studying and hanging up with friends, I had no time to complain. Ahhhh...those days.....

Ok, 6 months gone, what have I done so far? Let's recapitulate..... well..... hmmm...... er....... *fingers tapping*

Here is my ticked list.......

Played host for Alicia & Hao while they were here for honeymoon
Visited Foxton windmill
Picked up aerobics
Watched Spiderman 3
Watched Pirates of the Carribean - At world's end
Watched Swan Lake ballet

So yeah, all small small milestones but enough to pat myself on the back. Hehehe (^_^)

The next half of 2007 should be more exciting. I hope! *wink*

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may said...

I'd like to give you a pat on your back too, for all those little milestones achieved! I should go to the gym. I'm getting fat now that winter's approaching and I'm just eating to keep warm... *sigh*

eve said...

Hmmm..let's see...what have I achieved?..aiyo..nothing much la..must go back and reflect sin..hehe

mistipurple said...

lol at May!!!! she sounded like a hibernating bear up there!! kakakaa! opps.
pat your back for all those little milestones. it is good to know that you have achieved something.
i feel that i have grown more cynical of the human race. sigh.

Doreen said...

Thank you May! Don't you think we should escape winter to the summer paradise? I'm seriously considering.......

*2 pats on Doreen's back* (^_^)

eve:'ve indeed saved hundreds of lives?

haha, she does, doesn't she? *Oops, sorry May for making fun of you* Hehehe Emm....I understand where you coming from, about the cynical side of human being.

*3 pats on Doreen's back* (^_^)