Monday, December 10, 2007

Birthday birthday

May your life be filled with joy, happiness, toys, good health and of course

(Hugs & kisses)

My nephew, the handsome, the cutest!

and also

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my good old friend, Teresa!

May all your wishes come true

(Hugs & kisses)

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eastcoastlife said...

Wah! This Declan so handsome! Chup!! hehe...

Winn said...

declan is cute!! when he grows up he will breaks a lot of hearts..hahohohoho!! :P

happy bday to teresa too!!

today 10/12/2007 my 2nd niece is born! happy birthday regine !! haha it's an auspicious day!

Chen said...

Happy Birthday Declan
Happy Birthday Teresa
Happy Birthday Regine
and Happy Birthday Piggy

Ooops... It's not Piggy's birthday

kljs said...

cute boy! :) Hope everyone have a Happy Birthday!!

may said...

oh, what a handsome little boy!
Happy Merry Birthday, Declan!

Happy Lovely Birthday, Teresa!

L B said...

Happy Birthday, Declan!!! Lots of Pizza, Ice Cream, Lormaikai, and KFC! And Toys!!!

Happy Birthday too to Teresa!!! Lots of Happiness, Joy, & Laughter!! And Hugs too!

ilovepearly said...

Happy Birthday....
Happy Sweet Birthday....
He's such a cutie pie with a full head of hair.

Doreen said...

The little handsome! Next time I pregnant must keep looking at his photo (if it is a son lah) then my kid will be that handsome too. Hahahha. Nah, don't think this will work!

Happy Birthday to your 2nd niece! Congrats wor auntier winn. Hehehehe

Hahaha, Pigi birthday not yet lah. Eh, I also dunno when leh. I better go ask him. *go to wake Pigi up*

Yeah, everyone who is/will be having birthday, all happy happy joy joy.

Happy birthday to the handsome and the pretty. hehehe

l b:
yeah, lots of everything good!

Hahaha, his hair so long and when he wake up from his nap, he looks like Dragon Ball, even cuter! hehehe

Irene Cheong said...

declan is a combine genetic, non defective product of his mommy and daddy. both mom and dad ... should also be quite nice looking. hiak hiak