Saturday, December 15, 2007

Christmas dinner at Mac

I accompany Rick to his company's Christmas dinner at Mac's Brewery last night. I still remember before Mac's Brewery came to life, it used to be an abandoned old building standing tall by the waterfront with broken glasses all over. It was a sight that you just couldn't miss strolling along the waterfront.

Anyway, prior to the dinner, we mingled around over some drinks on the deck, overlooking the beautiful harbour. The weather was calm and warm. It was a perfect evening. I finally met the people whom I heard a lot of, either from Rick or from my colleagues. Rick and I are in the same industry you see, so we have a lot of mutual colleagues/ex-colleagues. It is a small industry afterall.

The dinner started at 7pm sharp. We got ourselves settling down comfortably at one of the tables. We were served with beautiful luscious salmon entree followed by a buffet dinner and then scrumptious chocalate cake and Christmas pudding. The food was good, ambience was pleasant and it was a lovely night.

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L B said...

Very pretty dress too!

Happy Weekend!

Liwan said...

i missed my company's xams party few days ago :( Wanted to go but don't want to spend money to buy a costume that fits the theme (which was flapper, ganster/charleston dance). Stupid theme right...sounds more like halloween. Anyway, i love your dress!!!

Doreen said...

l b:
Thanks! It's an pretty old piece. Hehehe

Oh, that's quite an unusual theme for Christmas. Most of the theme parties/functions that require me to spend money on the dressing, I'll pass. Hehehe

Winn said...

yeayeayea i wanna say pretty dress too! early xmas celebration. i'd like to know how newzealanders celebrate xmas there. xmas is big in nz ya?

may said...

oooh, bling bling christmas crackers! your paper crown looks cute... and your dress so lovely!

Chen said...

Nice and pretty dress. Over here, i only have christmas dinner together with my husband and my in laws, and of course not forgetting Ah Boy :)

kljs said...

Lovely dress. Hope you had a nice party! ;)

Doreen said...

xmas is big here comparing to Malaysia, but not as big as in Europe loh. People here celebrate as normal lah, you know, xmas trees, xmas rush hour, xmas pressies, carols, church activities and all companies will have their own xmas dinner/function to celebrate too. In short, it is very busy prior to xmas, all restaurants booked out and lots of dinners to attend lah. Then hor, on the xmas day, it is dead quiet. Nothing open, nothing at all except cinemas.

Doreen said...

Hehehe, those Christmas crackers were damn loud leh. I think the paper crown too big lah but that's the only pink one. Hehehe

mistipurple said...

you look good in anything.
pigi hiding in your handbag?

Doreen said...

Thanks (^_^)

hehehe, I only have Christmas dinner with colleagues and friends. My family doesn't really celebrate Christmas.

Thanks! I had a good time. How about over at your end? Busy attending Christmas functions/dinners too?

Doreen said...

hahaha, thank you lah but I don't look good in anything one, but those are better left unseen. Hahaha. Pigi so big and round, cannot hide in my bag lah. I left him at my backyard, playing with Vell. Hehehe

kljs said...

Busy working at the new job. No party..... or dinners... :(

ilovepearly said...

Nice dress your wearing...
Who made that hat for you :P said...

So nice with your outfit.. the dress really so fit with your body.. pretty nia.. :)

eastcoastlife said...

What a funny party hat. :P

I like your dress. sigh.... wish I could slim down and wear a dress soon.

Doreen said...

Like that ar.... but nvm lah, I'm sure you're enjoying your new job. Hehehe

Thanks! hehehe. Oh, the paper crown was from the Christmas cracker. Hehehe

Thanks leh. That dress actually makes my body looks a little fuller because of the layering. Hehehe

Eh? You're slim (and sexy too) leh from the photos I saw