Saturday, December 22, 2007

Double celebrations

Today is the last Chinese festival of the year, 冬至 (Winter Solstice Festival). It’s my favourite festival as I’m an absolute 100% 汤圆 (rice dumpling) lover. I like those basic traditional ones that my family normally have, simple colourful rice ball cooked in clear sweet syrup with pandan essence. I can eat that the whole day as my 3 meals. Hehehe

Unfortunately, I couldn't find these colourful rice balls here and am too lazy to learn to make so I had to settle with these frozen rice ball with stuffing in it. There are normally 3 flavours in the market, black sesame paste, red bean paste and peanut paste. I prefer the peanut paste one.

Today is also Rick’s birthday. Yeah, he is 100% 冬至子! Hehehe

We went to enjoy dim sum at Dragon (previously known as Eastern Sunrise). Don’t know why the change of name, it is basically the same management as I could see. Anyway, no matter as long as the food is still good.

Then, it was the essential cake cutting ceremony. This time we have green tea flavoured cake and it certainly nicer than my Taro cake.

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eastcoastlife said...

Happy Birthday to Rick! The green tea cake looks yummy.

Glad that you can find glutinous dumplings in NZ. One more year younger after eating them. hehe....

*takes a slice of green tea cake, pet pet little piggy*

kljs said...

The cake's colour looks a little weird. But, can I have a piece? heeheheheh

L B said...

The Birthday Boy looks good in his Birthday outfit! Happy Birthday, Rick!

Doreen said...

One more year younger ar? Wah, good leh, I got a year younger when I had my birthday, now another year. So I'm now 2 years younger loh. *stuffing more dumplings into my mouth*

Liwan said...

I lub 汤圆 toooo!!!!!!

And Happy Birthday Rick (^_^)!

Chev said...

Happy Birthday Rick
Wah.. so nice celebrating birthday together with Winter Solstice. Can have cake and tang yuen together ;)

Donald Kuok said...

Happy birthday to Rick! Do get yourself a new lens :p.

kyh said...

yum yum! *hungwee*

rick is ur hubby? i still blur till now. :P

he's in chinese outfit wor. so r u wearing cheongsam too? or silky meshy dresses like those Chinese fairies wear? LOL!

Doreen said...

Haha, the colour very Shrek eh? Green tea mah, so green colour loh. Hehehe. Yeah, still got a lot left in the fridge. Help youself. You want coffee to go with it?

l b:
Haha, that's his favourite outfit leh.

Oh you love 汤圆 too? Yeah! *high* Did you cook some? Excited lah, heading home tomorrow wor. Hehehe

You changed nick liao? All was it always be "chev". I only noticed it today leh, blur sotong loh!

Yeah, we had cakes and 汤圆 all day, now even my skin also sweet sweet dei. Hehehe

donald kuok:
Hey bro! He got so many lens and camera accessories this year liao leh. Wallet is still recovering. Hehehe

Doreen said...

No wor, rick is my secret lover lah! Hahaha, of course he is my hubby.

ya lor, I was in those Chinese fairy (or chinese ghots 倩女幽魂?) outfit and dancing around him all day until he got so annoying. Muahahaha.

may said...

wooo! Happy Birthday, Rick! the cake sure looks yummy.

I didn't have any glutinous rice balls here, too lazy to hunt as well. not a big fan of them either so it all works out in the end ;-)

ilovepearly said...

I actually found it out today when I notice many people buying roast stuff... :P I am so not in tune with the chinese holiday..

U.Lee said...

Hello Doreen, here's wishing Rick many happy returns of the day, and to both of you, the best of seasons greetings, a merry X'mas and a very Happy New Year.
Best regards always, UL.

Doreen said...

Oh you are not a fan of rice balls huh? Hehehe, not many people I know like it also leh. Wonder why....sweet sweet dei and chewy chewy dei, nice leh.

Doreen said...

nvm, it is always the case when you're living abroad. I can remember because it is also Rick's birthday. Hehehe

Many thanks to you Lee! And same to you!