Friday, March 07, 2008

Meow~~~~ from Kuching!

My 4th day in Kuching, and been eating like never eaten before. I can't take it no more, my stomach has stretched to it's limit and now calling for a break. I think I really need to take it slow and easy.....

Anyway, the main focus of this post is about my Singapore stay (still).

Last Saturday, my bro brought us to Charcoal in City Hall (next to Funan). The food is average (can't complain with that price). Ambience is great, just like any other fine dining restaurant, graceful and relaxing, with awesome service!




My grilled salmon


Rick's beef rendang


All of us! Cheeky nephew of mine, always so cute with his pose

Then, came along Monday, I lost my blogger-friend-meeting virginity to ECL! Yeah, ECL was so nice to meet me at Changi airport, before I left Singapore for Kuching. A nice and graceful lady she is, just as I expected.


She was so kind to bring me the infamous authentic Katong laksa of Singapore! The laksa....I tell heavenly! Thank you ECL! Much appreciate it, really!


Okie, that's for now.....


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L B said...

Oooo, that rendang!!!! Rick! I so jeles!!
And that Laksa!!! ECL! I so jeles!!!
I have never seen ECL standing up..

kljs said...

Can I have that grilled salmon?

Doreen said...

l b:
Hahaha, you want some? Send some over to you. Huh? You haven't seen ECL standing up? Thought you've met her before no?

That grilled salmon ar....sure you can have it. Help youself, enough or not? want more? hehehe

keeyit said...

You can definately eat more.. You are slim.. hehe.. Go back only keep fit la..

ECL is such a nice woman. She purposely met you lol.. hehehe.. you are so lucky..

Next is kuching.. wah cat city... eat more ya.. kolot mee dun forget ya

Liwan said...

LAKSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *drownedinmypoolofdrool*

mistipurple said...

so pretty you are, doreen! and everyone in the picture! hot hot hot!! including the laksa, lol!

eastcoastlife said...

Alamak! I look so fierce. hehehe....

LB!!! What do you mean you never see me standing up! This is so slanderous!!

I thought you didn't take the pic of the laksa. hehehe.....

Chev said...

Doreen going to invade all the makan stall in Kuching. Hehehhehhe..

That's very nice of ECL :)
Wonder how's the Spore Katong Laksa taste, cos i never eat it before yet. Must go to Singapore one of these days :D

kyh said...

wooo so nice! i want that laksa....

Doreen said...

Yeah, ECL so nice, came to meet me and brought me laksa somemore. Really glad to know her. I've been eating a lot lately. I think my body can no longer take it. I feel fat!

Katong laksa is really nice. So yum! It is now my "must-eat" item in Singapore. Hehehe

Hahaha, Singapore so hot mah, so everyone and everything so hot also. Hahahaha.

Fierce meh? no leh. I quickly snap a pic of that laksa when you went to order drinks. Hehehehe

Doreen said...

Hahaha, Doreen makan stall invasion! Katong laksa taste different from Sarawak laksa but very nice too. It has it's own charm. A must-eat in Singapore!

Next time you visit Singapore hor, must got try that Katong laksa. Very yum!