Friday, April 04, 2008

不能說的秘密 ~Secret

I watched this movie on my flight to Singapore with no knowledge whatsoever of it's synopsis. I had painted in my mind that it is probably just another typical college love story but went ahead because I like Jay. And, allow me to say, this is the BEST Chinese/Asian movie I have seen for a while. It may appear ordinary to some but for a music craze like me who enjoys tunes of piano, watching fingers flying above the black and white keys, this movie had immediately earned my full attention right from the beginning.

I finished the movie with tears in my eyes and madly pounding heart. I must admit, the twist at the end got the whole of me. I am really impressed with Jay, his talents in acting and directing in addition to his well recognized talent in music. This guy is truly gifted. That explains of his many fans and admirers!


Alicia said...

you like Jay??? i am admiring his fingers flying freely between the black and white keys.. incredible...i wonder why our fingers cant do like him.. wasted our parents' money to learn piano... ahhahahhahahah

Doreen said...

Yeah, I like him from long long time ago. Hehehe. I'm sure your fingers fly faster than mine. I haven't play for years liao. Dunno if I can still read the notes or not. Hahaha.

Donald Kuok said...

I got the DVD from Miri. But i have not watched it.

U.Lee said...

Hin Doreen, gosh! I didn't know you have slide pictures in your blog. As wel, I got several frights when popping into some blogs there's music!
Holy Smoke, my old computer sure was jurassic!
Now with my new Apple, can see, hear, experience so many new stuff never before seen, ha ha.
Love your this posting, Doreen. Love your slide very much.
Ahh, maybe I'll have my own next day I learn more of my new Imac.
Stay easy, Doreen, Lee.

L B said...

Sadly I will not be able to share in your joy of Jay.. Uncle Joes over here not so good with Chinese movies.. *sigh*

keeyit said...

I like Jay too. He is talent on musics. That is a romantic movie.. :)

eve said...

I like him too...but most of my kakis dun like him..calls him Gay Chou...ya la ..jeles la tu..hehe..

Doreen said...

donald kuok:
Hey bro. Good leh u got the DVD. Very nice movie! Hai....I don't know why I didn't get the DVD.

Hey Lee. New computer huh? and it's an Apple! Good on you! Suddenly the internet world seems even more interesting eh? Hehehe. Enjoy your new toy!

l b:
oooh, like that ar....I'm sure you can get those with English subtitle one. Hehehe

Yeah, very romantic hor, and touching too.

Surely your kakis jealous of him lah. He so talented mah. Hahaha.

Irene Cheong said...

your bro and i finally watched it last night. But ... whats wrong with me?! I was as cold as dunno wat. i din tear, i wasnt touched ... to me, it was just another movie.

Doreen said...

irene cheong:
Hehehe, you're not the first one telling me that actually. I think it is probably just a typical romantic movie but dunno why I touched so much by it. I think it's the music and the piano!

Chev said...

i never watch any of his movies leh.
And u knowlah, i hardly watch movies nor Dvd. I still have dvds that i bought few years back, left untouched... :)

mistipurple said...

i am like chev. no hope. buy and keep only, lol!

eastcoastlife said...

I can't hear what Jay Chou is saying most of the time ......
*mumble mumble mumble.... knocks the kana outta of his mouth*

U.Lee said...

Hi Doreen, just dropped by say, 'hello'. How's theweather down under?
We're having, almost mini skirt days, ha ha. Temp gone to 12'c, tomorrow 15'c.
Spring here only 2 weeks, then it's summer and bikini time, whoooohoo! Ha ha. by the way, you like oldies songs? UL.

Doreen said...

You're too busy liao lah. Where got time to watch? Hehehe

Haha, I think you even worse than chev lah. You don't even have time to sleep, watching dvd will be quite impossibble for you leh. hehehe

Hahaha! That is his flaw and somehow this mumble thing represent his unique style I guess. Aiya, I just like him lah, so anything negative will get turned into positive by me. Haha

Hi Lee, thanks for popping by. It's getting colder here but temperature is about what you having there I think. Yeah, I do like some of the oldies, like Bee Gees.