Monday, June 09, 2008

Taiwan: 台中 Taichung PART II - 九族文化村

Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village, The largest outdoor museum in Taiwan dedicated to displaying traditional homes and architecture of Taiwan's nine principal aborigine tribes. Also serves as an amusement park with beautiful European garden and exciting rides.

We spent more time admiring the beautiful European Garden than taking on the rides.

If you have watched the Taiwanese series 公主小妹 aka Romantic Princess then I am sure this European garden will look familiar to you. Yes, it is the setting of Xiao Mai's magnificent mansion, or more accurately her grandfather's. I thought it looked kind of familiar the moment I step into the garden and it only came into my mind the minute I saw the two golden towers.

The golden tower

The garden also bears a close resemblance to the Garden in Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna except that there was no single flower while we were there. (It was winter!)



Deja vu? Let's see again.....

Photo taken from

Very similar right?

Train that takes you round the village


View from the gondola ride

Taiwanese bah chang (rice dumpling). Taste so so only.

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oceanskies79 said...

Dear beautiful Princess Doreen, I did not realise that there could be so beautiful gardens in Taiwan until I have checked out this post.

Hopefully, I would get a chance to visit... Vienna. It looks so beautiful, and I would like to hear the music of Vienna.

oceanskies79 said...

Oops, I realised I was more attracted to Vienna than Taiwan.

L B said...

Gorgeous photos again! Love the floral peacocks.. and the Vienna ones!!

may said...

so to see Vienna, I have to visit Taiwan? heheh... even though they look similar, still worth seeing them both separately, hor?

keeyit said...

Very beautiful flowers that made those decorations.. Vienna and Taiwan.. haha just got the similarity la

KAY said...

So colorful and beautiful place to be...
makes me want to go for a visit too.

Doreen said...

Yes! Must visit Vienna, and if you fancy classical music, then I'm sure you will fall in love with this City of music. Remember to get yourself a ticket to enjoy the real orchestra while you're there!

To me, Vienna is definitely more attractive. It is by far my favourite city in Europe (not that I have visited many)

Doreen said...

l b:
Thanks! Looks like Taiwanese really into peacocks.

Doreen said...

Nah, to see Vienna have to visit Vienna lah, then can visit Taiwan to relive the memories since Taiwan cheaper to visit. Hehehe

May be this is typical design of an European garden, thus the similarities.

And romantic too...(^_^)

eastcoastlife said...

The European villa is too beautiful! I must go there to visit.

Taiwanese likes to copy .... hehe....

oceanskies79 said...

Yes, I sure will get a ticket to catch an orchestra concert in Vienna if I am there.

Trinity said...

woooow so nice! I love the owl! peacock!! so nice! Yeah that dejavu is really similar! thanks for sharing.. I wanna go Vienna someday too... somedaaaaaaaaaaaay... but of course, Taiwan first... wanna meet my lovers there.. hehehe

Doreen said...

Too bad I was there in their winter thus no flower to enjoy. Next time you go, must go during their spring.

Now you make me wanna go there too. (^_^)

Ooooo~~~~loverS eh? How many? Not just two right? Which one you meet first? Zai zai or Jerry or...? Hehehe

simplepris said...

wow! loads of beautiful photos!

i'll be back for more reading.. *winks*

Doreen said...

Sure sure. c'ya soon (^_~)