Saturday, July 05, 2008


Home alone. Rick has been invited to the rugby game. It is their corporate social event with their consultant/vendor or whatever. While he is enjoying the game and the 3 course dinner in the so called VIP Corporate Box in the stadium, I am, eating my rice with stir fried eggplant with egg in front of my pc, typing this entry. How come my company doesn’t have this kind of social event? My company has lots of vendors/consultants/ clients also, even more than his company I believe. Why? Why? I also want to experience the VIP Corporate Box leh though I don’t like rugby. So cool mah, don’t you think? And you have that VIP pass hanging around your neck, walking around….I WANT lah!

Ok, enough of my whine.

Today’s topic is JADE. Let’s talk about jade.

It is believed that jade is capable of protecting the owner from any misfortune or life threatening situation, and even able to prevent any evil spirit from the owner. HOWEVER, I have been told that although jade can prevent mishaps, it cannot effectively chase away any evil spirit by itself, not without a light source. True or not, I don't know but no harm believing right? So, next time if you are having unusual goosebumps and chill down your spine in your hotel or any room, place any jade jewellery you have under a constant light source (e.g. desk lamp or ceiling light) and you should be safe. If you are out and about in somewhere dark, well, just make sure you bring a torch with you and make sure you have enough batteries!!

Jade is always not quite my cup of tea. I don't know, the turquoise greenish gem just doesn't tickle my fancy, but I suppose I can live with this Pink Star.

Why is it called Pink Star? It looks just like an ordinary pink colour stone right? Well this stone reflects gleam of star when shined by a light source. The stronger the light source, the more defined the crosses and it follows the light.

Ok, end of post, my rice also finished.

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oceanskies79 said...

I came by to lend you some company.

My grandma likes jade, though I couldn't appreciate jade.

Doreen said...

It is nice to have you around...thanks for the company, much appreciated! (^_^)

I think youngsters these days don't really fancy jade.

oceanskies79 said...

Actually, I don't fancy jewellery either. I prefer collecting double bass scores than jewellery and clothes... :P

Ms. _______ 2 be ! said...

I would love to go for the food and not too much of the game..haha

Jade...I remember my mum made me wear jade for a long time until finally I decided not to. I like the pink jade....i wouldn't mind wearing one......someotimes only...hehehe

kljs said...

Wow...... nice piece of pink there.......

mistipurple said...

nice piece of pink jewelry.
the rice tasted better whilst blogging? lol.

Winn said...

huh why didnt show us pix of ur rice? heheheh;p;p

eastcoastlife said...

I love jade! And I have never seen pink jade stone! So pretty!

^^TeReNcE^^ said...

hi :) drop by to say hello. hope u are doing fine.

Cheers! :P

Doreen said...

haha! You sure a music craze (in a good way).

Ms. _______ 2 be:
Interesting nick you got there! Made me wonder what should be filled in the blank and finally gave up! And same sentiments, I would too go for the food. Hahaha

Hehe. It was the star that attracted me.

Haha! You're funny Misti. Yeah, definitely taste better. It felt like I was having dinner with a bunch of people. Hahaha

Good point! Emm....why didn't I? Aiya, too late already, all now in the sewage. Not very nice to see anymore liao. Hehehehe

Oh you love jade? I think white and pink colour ones are very very nice!

Hello! Thanks for dropping by. And yes, I'm doing good! (^_^)

Big Bright Head said...

no comment.. just follow misti here only....

mistipurple said...

lol at big bright head.
any supper? or is it breakfast? lol

Doreen said...

big bright head:
Oh, welcome then! Misti's friends are all welcome!

Supper! Supper! What you want? I go order. Or I can cook, maggie mee? Asam flavour? Hehehe

Chen said...

we are in the same boat.
My "company" doesn’t have this kind of social event too......

Wah, u ate rice while blogging ah?
Very keng leh.. :P

U.Lee said...

Hi Doreen, that pink star is really beautiful.
For me, I have always loved emeralds and Australian Opals.
And among all the rings love those Thai Princess rings.
My waife had a lovely Jade bracelet, and one day accidentally knocked her wrist hard against a cupboard, game over.

Had it cut made into lockets and rings.
But I have seen some really beautiful jade stones...but have to beware, they not injected ones.
Hope you get your VIP seats one day...maybe to the All NZ Golf open, or Tennis? Lee.

eastcoastlife said...

I have a few pieces of green jade... all green, no white no pink. :( I love jade bangles. :)

Jaymes said you should pity him not laugh at him. hahaha.....

Doreen said...

hahaha, save time mah eating in front of PC. Multi tasking you see. Hehehehe

Yeah, "fake" or "injected" jades are everywhere nowadays. I don't think I would buy any more jade jewellery since I'm really not a jade person. Hehehe

Ooops, sorry Jaymes, but you're just too adorable!!

mistipurple said...

i bring you mee goreng. i fried wan. :p

Doreen said...

You fried one? Thank u thank u!

*eating misti's mee goreng*

Wah~~~very nice leh

*slurp slurp*