Sunday, August 31, 2008

Mount Victoria

Take a break (^_^)T, let’s go for a walk in the woods….and see if we can find any treasure.....

Somewhere in this mountain, lies the footprints of the hobbits where they hid from the Black Riders

This photo is taken by Rick, not me. Hehehe

Trying to get a shot

And, here it is!

Arh~~~~light at the end of the woods! Let's see what's there.....

A beautiful view of Wellington at sunset!

And finally, here is my favourite photo of the day to conclude this post......

Many thanks to the model - Rick! LOL

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keeyit said...

I like the 7th pictures in your post. Looks that you smile happily.. Must be a nice and relax trip for you ya... And i see beautiful eyes.. hehe..

MisSmall said...

The photos looked really serene and relaxing. Bet you had a good time. I'm glad the woods are near the main road though (is it?) coz, honestly, jungles give me the creeps. :/

So, did you find any treasure? :P

Doreen said...

You got me counting eh. LOL Thanks, I quite like that pic too. Hehehehe

It is a very safe place dear. Not very far from here is a famous lookup, popular among the tourists. And there were quite a few people tracking/jogging in the woods too.

Treasure? Not much, tonnes of mud only. LOL

oceanskies79 said...

Beautiful pictures. Spring is here?

Trinity said...

waaah... the last pic is my fav too... and the 3rd from the last as well.. the light at the end of the wood? gorgeous!

eastcoastlife said...

*Respect... salute*
You wear your beautiful boots to go trekking? hehe....

aiyoh, go for a walk also wear so stylo... If I want to be beautiful must not be lazy and chin chai! haha....

mistipurple said...

i love rick's profile pic. the background is also superb timing to aim.

where is pigi? lol.

U.Lee said...

Hi Doreen, look for treasure? Ha ha.
I would think the treasure would be you, *wink*.
Hey, you take beautiful the clarity and depth, and that sunset is simply stunning.
One of these days National geographic will be calling you, ha ha.

I really love the last pic...beautiful, Doreen. It was caught at the right moment, and thats what photography is all about, catching the moment. One klik. and next pic will not be the sme.
You stay beautiful Doreen, Lee.

Doreen said...

Yep, it is offically spring! Woo-hoo! But the weather is still yet to adjust.

LOL. I like that one too. Looks a but mysterious and serene.

Doreen said...

Pigi ar? Dunno where he went. He probably went to play mud somewhere. Hahahaha

Thanks Lee for your encouragement. I am only a beginner in this, and still a lot to learn.

Ms. _____ 2 be ! said...

I like to take a walk with you...heheh
Hey thats a nice looking bag you got there, can't see it clearly but that got my attention first.

cc said...

So beautiful! I love the last shot, the hues of reds and oranges are just breathtaking! :D

Chen said...

Hou leng woh.. Both the photos and the lenglui inside the picture :)

Doreen said...

ms._____2 be!:
Oh, it is a rather big bag. LOL

Thanks cc!

Thanks leh. Photos leng di lah. LOL