Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Studying VS working

I was chatting with my friend the other day and she was talking about how she misses her university days back in Singapore. Actually, most of the people I came across prefer campus life to working life. Their comments: campus life was fun, restless and wild. Apart from studying, there's nothing else to worry.

I guess I am the odd one out. I prefer otherwise.

May be because my campus life wasn't that fun and wild, or in one simple word: SUCKS! I didn't party, I didn't get wild and the only "fun" I had was stressing out for assignments and exams. My tuition fees were already very expensive and as an overseas student here, we weren't allow to have any part time job except end of year summer holidays. So I was basically living solely off my parents and apart from the essential living and studying expenses, I would avoid spending any money. Eating out was a luxury, fashion was something way out of my reach. Travelling? That only happened in my dreams! I wasn't from a filthy rich family you see, just reasonably well off to be able to study overseas. As I couldn't afford to fail and having to repeat another year, I had to study really hard especially in my 2 years in engineering. It was stressful I tell you.

I did not even have the luxury to go back home every year. Through out my 6 years of studying life here, I have only been back twice! The rest of the years, I spent my summer holidays working, from supermarket night filler, shopping mall car park traffic to rabbit farm's cleaner.

I still remember the day I graduated, my dad offered me his financial support if I decided to continue on doing master. Without a millisecond of hesitations, I turned it down.

I have had enough. I couldn't wait to get out of it, the evil campus life! (ok lah, there were some good memories but can never outweigh the stress I had)

So when I scored my first job here, I never looked back. Although I was already too old to party and get wild, at least I could afford to go back home every year, eating out and making my holiday dreams a reality. Of course, most important of all, I finally parted with my long time enemy named STRESS. No more assignments, no more exams, no more competitions.
I now have a life!


Declan Isaac said...

i m just like u . i hate books actually. i am better off in handling and getting good marks for my KPIs and BSCs.

oceanskies79 said...

While I enjoy learning and there are parts of school-life that I enjoy, I like work-life too for the responsibilities it offers, the financial independence I could gain as a result.

If I could have the best of both worlds, I would want to both study and to work!

cc said...

When I look back, I remember those years with fond memories, but I also cherish my life now. I think my brain is wired to remember only good things now. LOL

Doreen said...

declan isaac:
I go zzz everytime I read those books. LOL. It was really an obligation for me.

Emmm.....for me, I think both studying and working at the same time is even hard to juggle. I tried a couple years back, working full time and taking university papers and I almost "choked" myself! May be I'm just not a book person.

Oh that's good that you have a built in filter to filter out all those bad and unhappy moments. You must be a very optimistic person. Wish I could be like you.

Trinity said...

oh I am glad you have a life now.. *hugs* :-)

so, you went to NZ university? I never study abroad, but I have fun in study.. hahaha..

MisSmall said...

Rabbit farm's cleaner? @_@

I never had part time job when I was studying, and I always feel that I missed out on something. I guess those are the things that might suck when you're doing it, but when you look back at them further down the road, those are the experiences that make each stage of life even more memorable. :)

Doreen said...

Oh glad that you enjoyed your study life (^_^). You must have had a good time then.

Yeah, rabbit farm's cleaner, basically cleaning those rabbits' poo poo and give them fresh hays.

True. There are precious experiences in my life that's why there are stone crafted in my brain. LOL

keeyit said...

wah, this is the first time I read such sentimental post from you lol..

Hmm.. I like my study life.. I got PTPTN loan so I won't worry so much of the study fees... I still din party, movie, outing, travelling... I just like the moment where I just hang around at the library for books and chit chating with friends...

working life is busy for me. Just a glance, I already work for 5 years. Yeah, i bought car, travel around, independent from parents.. but i still feel that something missing.. :( .. I do not know whether this is something we called social sick?

mistipurple said...

i didn't get to study beyond secondary school. not too lucky a gal. too many things happened. anyway, i enjoyed primary and secondary life. i guess they aren't the same as university or college.

Petite Lass said...

I did enjoy my school and college life. There're some stressful moments too and I am grateful it's over =D
Like you, not looking forward to study yet. Did not do any wild things during my college days either. Just not that type LOL.

U.Lee said...

Hi Doreen, you are what I will say, the kind of girl men would love to bring home show mother...the kind of lady to be put on a pedastal and worship....add your kind of charming beauty, and I call it hitting the Jackpot! Ha ha.....Doreen....where were you when I was on the prowl? Ha ha.

Glad to read of your U I read of the going ons in U here, Holy Smoke! Puts my old days escapades like Kindergarten activities, ha ha.

Oh ya, last night went for dinner with my wife and several friends.
I couldn't help but notice two or three tables had couples, one or the other partner was checking their email, or talking on their h/phone. On a date? Ha ha.
You stay gorgeous, Doreen, have a great week, Lee.

Doreen said...

hahaha, I don't normally post like this huh? Too lazy to write I think. Feeling something missing? May be you need a new challenge?

Yeah, they are quite different. I don't like my secondary school life, only enjoyed primary when life was more simple and down to earth.

Doreen said...

petite lass:
Looks like you enjoyed your studying and are enjoying your working life too. LOL. So it can be safe to say that you're those gal-next-door type who are pretty down to earth and simple.

Hahaha, Lee you kind comments always make my day! It is really very sweet of you though I am really humbled by your comments.

Taking on h/phone and checking emails on a date? That's not very sincere of him/her to neglect the other half like that. I remember one of your posts about this guy kept talking on the phone through out his date. Not very good gesture I must say. Can't blame the gal for dumping him.

EastCoastLife said...

I didn't enjoy my school life too. I'm a bore and a nerd (cannot imagine hor!) all I did was study study study.

When I started working, then I found FUN. hehe...

After I had my son, then I found CRAZY! hahaha....

Chen said...

I'm like u woh
I prefer working life than studying or campus life. Studying is no fun, more over in medical faculty. Damn stressful..

carcar said...

i like working too.

i cannot stand doing nothing at home, i like to see my friends (colleague) at work place, i like the routine lunch hour, talking to diff ppl, work , deadline, and some reasonable frustration :P

but i do enjoy my uni life...

how i wish im like u... but im graduating soon!~ this nov!!~