Thursday, October 09, 2008


I have been very grumpy lately, complaining quite a lot (to Rick especially). I don't know, I guess the weather has been driving me nuts. We are already half way into spring yet winter is still lingering around. I am really so sick of it. Winter in Wellington is bleak and miserable. I don't mind being cold (as in the South Island) but I just hate it when it is wet and windy (more like gales). The bad news is, weather like this is a norm here. How sad.

I hate it when I cannot wear skirt
I hate it when my hair turns into a nest
I hate it when I have to brave the wind while walking
I hate it when I cannot use umbrella on rainy days
I hate it when I get soak wet
I hate it when I cannot sleep because the gales is so bloody noisy
I hate it when I cannot do what I have planned
I hate it when I lose my mood in dressing up
I hate it when I get grumpy like this
I hate it, I hate it and I so hate it!

Ok, complain finished. Thanks for listening (I mean reading).


oceanskies79 said...

Hi Doreen, reading and sending you some warmth and cheers.

Hope the true spring weather would come soon.

L B said...

nest?!! LOL!! that means can have fresh eggs.. :-)

Doreen said...

Yeah, hopefully. Thanks PY.

l b:
Hahaha, yes fresh eggs. How many you want? LOL

L B said...

six? thank you!!!

Chen said...

stay cool, Doreen
How about having a mug of hot chocolate? :)

Petite Lass said...

I understand how you feel. I broke one of the supporting metal strand of my umbrella during a rain in Copenhagen. It was windy. And ah, yes, my hair is in a mess! It's so dry and looks like a broom on my head. LOL. Suppose I will do something about it once I am back home and I can't wait till that day =) Other than that, things are pretty fine except that I haven't really got over the shops here close by 8pm and it can be quite boring on weekends when everything closes or closes early. LOL.

Doreen said...

l b:
SIX???? Wah wah!! Not good like that leh, so many eggs. High cholesterol wor. Later your concubines worried then how?

Har? So "hot" liao still drink hot chocolate? The volcano is gonna explore loh. Hehehehe. I'm cool. I'm all cool. Hehehehe

petite lass:
Oh it is windy there too? It is such a hassle isn't it? Shops here close before 6pm!! So here is even worst!