Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mt. Ruapehu ski trip - Cookie plane cafe

While on our way back, we came across the giant cookie DC3 plane café at Mangaweka. We made an impromptu decision to board the aircraft!

Our boarding passes

Boarding....Eh, how come no pretty stewardess?

Wah~~~I see snow peaks!!

Captain Doreen? Muahahahaha

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kyh said...

it's not flying at all rite? :P

ur boarding passes r yummy cakes ah? i want too!

mistipurple said...

vast lands, i yearn for vast lands.. *crawl*

Doreen said...

No lah, not flying one lah. Hehehe

Yeah, must order something from the shop (drinks or food) then only can board the plane.

No sea? No mountain? Hahahaha

oceanskies79 said...

You actually operated the plane? Hmm....or was it a cafe inside the body of the plane? Sounds cool whichever it is.

U.Lee said...

Hi Doreen, love that DC3 plane. I remember sitting in a real old days...its one of the best and toughest planes built too...and a lot are still flying, in South America and parts of Asia.

Love your previous posting pics especially the black and white pics....gosh, you look like from Vogue mag, ha ha.
Stay beautiful, Doreen, best regards, Lee.

Doreen said...

Haha, I wish I could operate the plane. It is a real plane turned into a cafe. Not sure if the engine still working or not though.

I can't remember if I have ride this DC3 before. Thanks for your kind comment. I am flattered!

EastCoastLife said...

This is so cool! A cafe in a plane. It would be good if it's moving. :)

Trinity said...

Wah, my kids gonna love this...!! wooow... they will play as a pilot too! hehehe

keeyit said...

A very unique restaurant...

Josephine said...

So nice! You must be having a lot of fun!

Doreen said...

The boarding pass wouldn't be just two pieces of cake loh if it's moving. Hehehehe

Hahaha, yeah I'm sure they will love it. There were a few kids there too, pretty excited about the plane.

It is more like a cafe I think. But it is a creative idea.

Lucky I didn't bring the plane down. Muahahahha

Petite Lass said...

I want to board that plane too!! It's cool ;p
Captain Doreen, fly me to Polaris please =D

Doreen said...

petite lass:
Sure can! Tighten your safety belt gal. We're going!