Monday, November 03, 2008

Wellington zoo

Back dated post: 27 Oct 2008

My 2nd visit. 1st one was about 5 years ago. Couldn't quite recall what I saw then, all I remembered was a small and boring zoo. However, it is still not as boring as sitting at home counting every second, thus the visit to refresh my memory and killing boredom at the same time. It was a worthwhile trip. The zoo has more animals now than before (I think) and the most exciting part was to be able to finally see a kiwi in real life, up-close and almost personal in a 30 mins kiwi talk. This creature is pretty shy, their enclosure is kept dark which makes it extremely hard to spot one. To my surprise, the kiwi is actually so much bigger than I thought.

She is so sweet, isn't she?

Meet Tahi (don't laugh!), the one-legged kiwi! He lost one of his legs to the trap when they found him. Poor thing!

Malayan sun bear. Eee......tongue so long!!

TIMON!!!! I like the way they seat, so cute!

Can see the lion behind me? Nah....too bright and too far.

Taking a break

Keep walking.....more to see......

Arhhh....the gorgeous ostrich! Misti!! LOL


Giraffes and the tail! Muahahaha Cute yes?

Red panda

We concluded the day with some bear beer and steam mussels at Leuven.

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Trinity said...

aiyoooh... I love your outfit! You are so neat and well dressed even at zoo! hahaha... you must be the prettiest girl in the zoo!! hehehe..

mistipurple said...

kekeke. don't spank me. you got typo. you typed having 'bear' and mussels. unless you really meant that you ate the sun bear. *runs*

the ostrich is indeed gorgeous.
*preens myself a bit more* :))))

Doreen said...

I was the brightest, yes. Prettiest? I'm afraid not quite. Hehehe

LOL. Typo corrected. Thanks for pointing out. Hehehehe. Ya ya, ostrich is gorgeous, cute and beautiful especially the eyes!

oceanskies79 said...

Looks like a great trip to the zoo. I like the otters and the red pandas.

U.Lee said...

Hi Doreen, wow! You sure look real kool in that purple blouse and short....
And those clams? Wow! I love they tasted real good too, huh?
Was it expensive? I guess they were steamed?
You sure someone who lives to eat, ha ha....Lee.

mistipurple said...

bridal gown bridal gown clap clap clap bring on the post hahahah.
(take your time lah, just love disturbing you.) *kisses*

Doreen said...

I like them too, in fact I like all of them!

Those are green shell mussles to be exact. They are at reasonable price. And yes, they were steamed.

Hahahaha, no worries I love being disturbed by you *kiss back*

keeyit said...

You have a nice long legs.. I wish I have also..

Big Big mussels...

Petite Lass said...

That are GIGANTIC mussels! hehe. Yum.