Monday, February 09, 2009

Southland Otago road trip: Queenstown-Gore-Bluff-Invercargill-Kaka Point

ilWe had quite a bit to cover today. If we had bypassed Gore, we would have arrived into Catlins 30 mins earlier, but Rick insisted on dropping by Gore because he so wanted to take a photo of the big fish statue. Ya, Gore is a small town, dubbed the world capital of brown trout fishing, whatever that means. Since he was the one driving, I better kept my mouth shut to not get thrown out of the car! Hahaha.

Yeah, this fish it is!

After Gore, we made our way to Bluff, located at the bottom of the South Island. Funny name isn't it? I wonder what we would call the locals there, bluffer? Muahahahahaha. Ok, I shouldn't make fun of the oldest European settled town in New Zealand.

Tokyo, Tokyo I love you!

Had our lunch at this cafe. Drunken Sailor, what a creative name eh?

Sipping my latte

See, see we got Pig Island!!!! Pigi would love to go there and meet his friends! LOL

Then, also got Dog Island wor. Vell would be thrilled to go there. Muahaha

Nah, this is Dog Island lah, but Pig Island is no where in sight. Too far liao I think.

A brief stop at Invercagill to have a look around since it was my first visit there. Nothing much really, just like any ordinary small town.

Invercargill water tower

St Mary's Basilica

Finally arriving into Kaka Point in Catlins after around 2.5-hour drive following the southern scenic route from Invercagill. Upon arriving into Kaka Point, we made a trip to Nugget Point (about 15 mins drive). A 10 mins walk took us to the lighthouse where we enjoyed spectacular view of the coast with scattering rocky islets. There were a lot of seals spotted along the walking track and on the rocky islets lolling about, swimming and playing around. Wish I could get a little bit more closer to them. They're such cute creatures. We didn't manage to do the "hide-and-wait" for the yellow-eyed penguins as it was starting to rain.

Love this pic!

The nuggets! Yum?!?

By the way, just got an award from the sweet Josephine! Thank you sweetie! (^_^)


1. Copy Badge “2008 Cute’s Blogger Award” and put it on your blog

2. Link or tell a bit about the person who gave you the award.

Josephine, knew her not very long and still trying to know more about this young lady. All I know is she is got this sweet smile that would kill all your worries.

3. Each one of you who receive this award must list down 10 facts / hobbies about yourself...

1. I LOVE travelling.
2. I am passionate about beauty and fashion.
3. I hate windy day.
4. I am only 161 cm (damn short).
5. I am an animal lover but don’t like cat.
6. I like taking photo also like being photographed.
7. I play piano and would love to own a grand piano one day.
8. I don’t drink alcohol.
9. I used to want to be an air stewardess. Damn the height and short sighted eye sight.
10. I treasure my love ones very very much.

Oh, and I am suppose to pass this on to 10 bloggers. Well, I give it to all of you lah since you all so cute!

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kyh said...

i love the one with direction signs... and the lighthouse on the island! so cool!!

oceanskies79 said...

The food from Drunken Sailor looks great.

EastCoastLife said...

I like the trout statue!

The cup of latte is so huge! Is it for two? I hope you still can sleep after that cup! lol

MisSmall said...

That's a HUGE bowl of latte!! You could nearly bury your face in it! @_@

Love the lighthouse!

emotionalistic said...

I want to go to the Pig Island to meet my piggy friends. LOL. Btw, you have a commercial look in the the picture you took with the street sign. Like your pose. Nice :).

vialentino said...

wow...really enjoy to c u trip is life in NZ?

Doreen said...

There are a lot of lighthouses all over in NZ, but I don't remember seeing one in Malaysia. Wonder why...

It tastes great too (^_^)

Yes, I cleaned the bowl, and could still sleep very well. Caffeine no longer has much effect on me anymore. Hahahaha

Hahaha, yeah, I didn't expect to be that big. It was like drinking soup rather than latte. LOL

You got a lot of piggy friends ar? Hehehehehe.

Glad you enjoyed it. Life here is good I suppose. Simple and quiet. (^_^)

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Doreen, love that BIG fish 1st pic, ha ha.
Sure a real scenic place, and your beautiful pics tells a thousands words,

Doreen, pop back to my place. Got something for you, *wink*, Lee.

Petite Lass said...

Was reading this post with my sis and she commented the names of the places you visited were cute and funny. Agree. LOL.
Ah, congrats on the award. Thought of another award that suits you the best : Most photogenic blogger!

jezalmy said...

Fuiyor...the latte so big bowl (not cup). Nice holiday you had.

^^TeReNcE^^ said...

i can't see any nuggets lor.. haha.. where where :)

Doreen said...

Uncle Lee:
I'm sure that fish caught your first attention for someone who love fishing so much. Hehehehe

Petite Lass:
Yes, those names are funny as most of them are in Maori.

Hahaha, yeah, it is a big bowl!

You don't see it meh? Not chicken nuggets wor, rocky nuggets. LOL