Friday, July 17, 2009

Give me Vacation!

I know it's only been a month or so since I came back from Perth, but the "travelbug" inside me doesn't seem satisfied enough and it is now urging me for another holiday. Geez....this is gonna kill my bank account and shoot my annual leave right down to negative balance. This is bad...real bad.....

I have been flipping through travelling catalogues, planning where/when/how I want to go and reading through their itineraries over and over again. Although I knew am not going to have any big holiday anytime soon, but I just couldn't resist. This is how bad it is right now!

I think I have somehow ADDICTED to travelling. I have always love going places but never thought it would develop into an obsession. I am addicted to the feeling of being free and away from my daily routine while taking pleasure in a new adventure. I know, life like that is unreal and unless I have multimillion dollars sleeping in my bank account, I wouldn't be able to sustain.

Sigh! Vacation, you know I want you so bad!


emotionalistic said...

Hold on there. Take your time to find some budget trips with great deals, if any :).

For my case, I'm still accumulating my annual leave for a holiday end of this year -_-". After that, my leave will reset to zero again :(.

Winn said...

ahhhhhhh tell me abt it!!

i bercita cita to be a tourist! why is it not happening????/

^^TeReNcE^^ said...

i wan vacation too! :) haha..

hmm.. wana bring my wife n parents to penang (my granddad hometown) or ipoh lor..

where ur hometown? penang too?

Doreen said...

Problem is I don't know how long I can hold....where are you going end of the year?

Hahaha, this cita cita of yours (and mine too) too big to achieve lah. Sigh!

You're a Malaysian???? I always thought you're Singaporean! LOL. Am from Sarawak - Miri.

Petite Lass said...

Totally understand what you mean as I have had experienced the same before. Woo, that you talked about it, my travel bug just resurfaced. Hehe.

oceanskies79 said...

Hope you get your wishes realised.

I think my love for travelling about my own country arised because that seemed the better way for me to travel, with least cost and less need to take too many leave from work. :P

Josephine said...

envy leh. always go here and there.
I don have so much holiday...
If i do, my husband don have also...

Doreen said...

Petite Lass:
Haha, and I remember you just got back from Bangkok?

Yeah, I must admit domestic travelling is the best way to getaway.

I don't think I will be going anywhere for a while :( Your hubby seems like a busy man?

emotionalistic said...

We got ourselves a really cheap package trip to Hong Kong end of the year from the Matta fair in Penang early this month. So, it's going to be food hunting and shopping in Hong Kong.

Do you all have budget trips over there?

jezalmy said...

I also looking for a trip, anywhere also can as long as recharge my system. Hopefully this year can follow the plan to Perth

Doreen said...

Hong Kong!! Wow, so nice....I miss Hong Kong. It is really a shopping and food heaven.

Yeah, we got budget trips here too, but NZ is just too far from everywhere else, so still expensive.

I am sure you will enjoy Perth!

EastCoastLife said...

You are living in a country where it's a popular holiday destination! Where got need to go for holiday? :P

Petite Lass said...

Haha yeah. Had some good time with colleagues although I didn't do much shopping or moved around a lot. Basically just had dinner in the hotel's restaurant and had a nice chat with colleagues. Would be even better if that's a vacation. LOL

Shingo said...

I just came back from Genting, Malaysia.

And I already feel like going for another vacation.

If only time and cash permits. =(

Hey, staying in New Zealand already should be a vacation by itself. Haha.

Doreen said...

It is quite true, but travelling in New Zealand is quite expensive. Sometimes I rather go overseas, at least seeing something a bit different.

Petite Lass:
Still good to have sometimes away from your normal routine :)

Haha, yes yes, vacation is never long enough huh? NZ is beautiful and very peaceful, but the grass is always greener on the other side. Hehehehehe