Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Simplistically natural

Update: Title added. Thanks for the suggestions (^_^)

Taken in the weekend. Can't think of a suitable title for them. Help anyone?






emotionalistic said...

Hehe...."Self Portrait"?

You look absolutely very sweet, as always ;).

Josephine said...

ur skind so good....
can put "Advertorial for SKII"...

Doreen said...

Haha, hadn't taken portrait shots for quite some time. Better capture some before I got too old mah.

Thanks sweetie. My skin isn't actually that good. It is the effect of make-up and lighting. And of course, with a close-up portrait shot like this, some post processings are necessary to get the poster kinda effect.

keeyit said...

You dont have any pimples.. wah.. your skin complexion so good nia~

Petite Lass said...

My skin is kinda dry and dull now no matter how much moisturiser I apply. Perhaps the weather here? Aiks, no idea =( Envy your flawlss complexion, envy envy envy!
Mm..the title should be "Sweet pie" Hehehe.

jezalmy said...

I think the title suite for "The Natural Beauty". everything looks so natural here, the feeling, the protagonist, your skin and etc.

Declan Isaac said...

无聊的我 - cos nothing to do
全假的我 - cos mmmm nothing's real and natural? effect of lighting , makeup and photoshop?

i think you want to bash me up!

Josephine said...

I have sent you awards...
Check them out from my blog

vialentino said...

wah...nice picture of self potrait...

nice skin and tone color u got there....

Doreen said...

Thanks. I am too old to have pimples *lol* but I do have freckles and open pores.

Petite Lass:
I think your skin will gradually get used to the weather there. Don't worry. My complexion isn't that perfect actually.

Emm....a bit "paiseh" to use that title since the flawless skin is all due to the make-up and touch ups. Hehehehe

Declan Isaac:
Haha, not entirely fake though. At least I didn't alter my feature (digitally or surgically), so may be half fake?

Ooooo, award?!?! Thanks! I go pick it up now. Hehehehe

Thanks! (^_^)

EastCoastLife said...

lol at Declan's comment

You have very good complexion. The water and air in NZ is doing you lots of good. :D

eugene said...

dropping by for the second time, and wishing you a great weekend,,, coming from Josephine's site

Chen said...

nice & cantik.. :)

Regarding the title..
err... my mind just can't work at this moment.. :D

Doreen said...

Weather here does give me a fair skin, but also giving me dry and dehydrated skin during winter. (>_<)!

Thanks for dropping by. Wishing your weekend a great one too!

Hello stranger! Thought you disappear somewhere or got adopted by alien or something. Hahahaha

Shingo T said...

How about "Sorry, but I'm taken".

Great photos! ^_^

coolingstar9 said...

You ready looks nice and charmimg on these few photo.
Have the nice weekend.

Doreen said...

Shingo T:
LOL at your title suggestion!

Thanks for your kind words. You too have a nice one!