Monday, August 31, 2009


Sunday 30/08/2009
It's been a while since a restaurant had imposed a great impression on us. Wellington has many cafes/restaurants, most of them are just average or little above average. Vivant certainly stands out among all. Although it is not quite considered as fine dinning but their top notch service and food are well comparable. 2 thumbs up!

After a quick ran through the menu, I decided on their soup of the day (pumpkin) for entrée which is never my normal pick but it appeared the safest bet for me on the menu. Pregnant woman really has limited choices of food when it comes to eating out you know. And, pork belly(yum!) followed by Chocolate cake. The pork belly was exceptionally delicious, the crispy skin was heavenly! I just couldn't care less about the fats and all, hey I don't eat this like everyday, I cleaned the plate! LOL. Rick was extremely pleased with his fried squid, sirloin steak and crème brulee.

20090830_Vivant 003

20090830_Vivant 004a

It was our first time there, and we were truly impressed! We sure will return.

20090830_Vivant 001
What I wore on the day...the tummy is getting bigger, so am I....(-_-)

20090830_Vivant 002
My make-up. The face is expanding like a soaked bread. Muahahahaha

What am I doing right now? Enjoying the whole cow with my cup of tea......

Ox mooncake

The mooncake, I meant! Muahahahahaha


tuti said...

you are eating for two. so it's ok hehehe, not big. just nice. :)

jezalmy said...

You look great doreen. The foods look so delicious.

Declan Isaac said...

u sure are really not afraid of cold

zen said...

you look positively radiant!

Doreen said...

Haha, actually they said there is not such thing as eating for two wor. As long as eating enough and healthy then that's good already.


Declan Isaac:
Haha, the weather hasn't been that cold lately, 15-16 degreeC. I did have a knit jacket when I was out though.

Thanks Zen!

emotionalistic said...

Love your outfit and your hairdo. You're a stylish mom :). What are you drinking there? Tomato juice?

Doreen said...

Yes tomato juice! (^_^)

Josephine said...

no worries!
You still look gorgeous!