Sunday, September 27, 2009

This week

Tried out this Malaysian restaurant along Cuba street, Kayu Manis. It is a very traditional type of Malay restaurant with traditional Malay songs playing in the background, and as soon as we stepped into the restaurant, we felt like home. Food was good and authentic. I couldn't believe we were the only customers that evening!

Kayu Manis 01

Kayu Manis 02
Nasi lemak, curry puff, beef rendang, beef mustabak

Also made some sushi for a friend's birthday potluck dinner. Time flies when you are surrounded by great people and good food!

Tuna and avocado sushi

Rick and I were getting really excited with the new toy we got, a pie maker! We had our first trial today using bread as an alternative rather than the traditional pastry. Quick and easy, no fuss and it turned out really good!

Homemade Pie
Sweet chilli tuna and onion pie


Shingo T said...

Presume the owners are Malaysians too, with the Malaysia flag hanging in the background.

First time I see a pie maker, my Wifey will love to have her hands on that.

emotionalistic said...

Is the Malaysian cuisine there expensive? The nasi lemak looks good. Was is spicy?

Oh, a pie maker! Looks good and the best part is it's "mess-free"...hehe.

Petite Lass said...

The food looked very authentic indeed! Ah,...the sushi seemed yummy as well. What's the "bread" pie recipe? Maybe I could try one day =) Sounds very creative ;)

tuti said...

i love pies!! very much.
very very much. :D

oceanskies79 said...

Interesting pie-maker. Thank you for sharing. This is the first time that I saw one. It's a creative idea using bread as an alternative. :)

jezalmy said...

Is warm if we can find our own local food restuarant at oversea, at least can cure our home sickness abit. By the way i am quit interested on the pie maker, wonder the machine can find over here o not. Must go search search

Doreen said...

Shingo T:
The pie maker is such a gem I tell you. May be you should consider getting one for your wife as a Christmas present?

Malaysian cuisine is expensive here. That plate of Nasi Lemak costs NZ$18!! In those casual Malaysian cafe, a plate of Nasi Lemak costs around NZ$10 which is still expensive!

Ah yes, the pie maker is definitely mess-free provided you get the ready-made pastry or bread. Hehehe

Petite Lass:
The one I made was tuna and onion with sweet thai chili sauce. There are other recipes like, baked bean with cheese, sardine, left-over dinner like curry etc basically you can go as far as your imagination takes you. If you are lazy to make your own pastry, just buy those frozen ready made pastry or the normal bread. All you need is 5 mins preheat, and 5 mins baking time then you will have yummy pie all set waiting for you!

Doreen said...

You love pies? I'll ask pigi to bring over some.

Sounds like there is no such machine in Singapore? May be not as common as here.

Not sure if it is available in Malaysia since pie is probably not as popular as the local yummy food. Hope you manage to find one. Really easy to use. Highly recommended!

keeyit said...

When u will back to malaysia again? Maybe next time with your baby...

c a r c a r said...

yup interesting pie maker!

i can understand the feeling of stepping into 'malaysia feel-alike' restaurant... even though im close to malaysia, but i tend to miss home and miss malaysia culture alot...

but weird thing is when i go home, i start to hate the bad traffic, doubt the people working efficiency level..etc.

love hate feeling ah.

SimpleJenn said...

Any difference in taste btw nasi lemak in NZ with nasi lemak in Malaysia ? The most diff is, of course, the price $$$$$ ..hahaha

Doreen said...

Not sure.....would love to go back next year but will see.

Haha, I know that love-hate feeling. I complain about the hot and humid weather in Malaysia almost everyday when I am back. LOL

Well, subtle difference I think or may be it's just the mind playing trick. I still think the ones back home taste better.

EastCoastLife said...

A pie maker! How cool! I'm going to look for one in Singapore.