Tuesday, October 06, 2009

All in 2nd trimester

This is what I called the honeymoon period. My morning sickness has gone. I started feeling great and energetic, even more than I have used to be. Also noticed the change of my scalp. I have oily scalp and need to wash hair almost everyday, but now I can wash it every alternative day, or even once in 3 days! This is a real positive change for me (^_^) and I do hope it stays that way even after the delivery!

My craving continues but has changed a bit. I no longer constantly crave for fruits/juices or anything in particular. My craving has become irregular. Today can be no craving, tomorrow may be something sour, then the next day something else. But, most of the times, I crave for bowl of hot noodle soup.

We have also started shopping for baby stuff as soon as the gender is revealed.

Week 12: Did my blood test and had the 1st ultrasonic scan. Results all good. It was really amazing seeing the baby for the 1st time!

Week 17: I started feeling the baby kicks/movements.

Week 19: 2nd ultrasonic scan - anomaly scan (should be the last scan if everything goes well) to check the baby development and also to find out the gender of the baby (if you choose to)! I had no inkling at all about the gender before this scan. I know some mothers do.

Week 22: Saw my midwife for the regular check-up. Everything including my scan results all normal except that the radiographer couldn't get the facial profile of the baby. The BB was being shy I guess. LOL So I was told to book in for another follow-up scan.

Week 23: Had an extra follow-up scan to get the facial profile. This time, I told BB to not be shy and show show face. Silly eh? Hahahahaha. We did successfully capture the profile. (^_^)

Week 24: Started feeling pelvic joints pain :( Luckily I could still walk normally.

Week 25: Another blood test to check my glucose level and whatnot.

Week 27: The pelvic joints pain has got better though not entirely off the equation. I found that the more I exercise/walk/move, the lesser the pain is.

Week 28: Had my routine check-up. The followed up anomaly scan and the blood test results are normal though I have a bit of iron deficiency shown in my blood. The midwife recommended taking iron supplement-Ferrograd C, 3 times a week. Another blood test may be required in due course. Will see her in two weeks time.

I've put on a total of 9 kg by the end of 2nd trimester.


cc said...

All the best! Can't wait to see the little fellow! :D

p/s: 開了一個中文博客,得空來看看喔!:D

tuti said...

bb shy, but already listen to mummy and daddy, and turn face show show! good bb!! :)

emotionalistic said...

Time's ticking. When are you delivering, sweet sweet mum? :)

Petite Lass said...

Hehe,..cute eh. This is what you call BB-mummy bond. When are you due?

Doreen said...


Hahaha, hope so lah.

emotionalistic, Petite Lass:
My due date is 8 Dec (^_^)

Declan Isaac said...

hey.... due date almost near Declan's birthday :p. 2 days diff.
And you are really slim lah.
I had total of 13 kgs at the end of trimester. and after gave birth, i had 8 kg to shed man!

Doreen said...

Declan Isaac:
Yeah, the baby may share the same birthday as Declan! Hahaha

You shed your weight really fast leh, and that's what matters loh.

Anggie's Journal said...

am blog hopping ard .... u have a very nice and pretty blog with lot's of nice nice photos ... & congrat on the coming baby ...
I crave of noodle most of my time during my pregnancy too ...:P
Will ... rest well and be happy !!