Friday, November 27, 2009

Too bored......

So this is what I have been doing at home......bake and eat!

20091122_Peanut Brownie

Peanut brownies

20091126_Banana Cake

Banana cake


Winn said...

food fashion!!!

Declan Isaac said...

hey doreen u bake?
or mum bake?

i want the banana cake recipe.. can email me pls

Anonymous said...

VERY NICE BLOG and just stumbled upon you 2day.. hmmh.. R u a Foochow Kuok?

emotionalistic said...

Recipe! If you dont mind.... =)

tuti said...

yummz! i'll eat off your screen. :D

Petite Lass said...

Wow, look yummy! Yeah, receipe, please?? Hehe

Doreen said...

Haha, yeah, this is the latest summer trend here. LOL

Declan Isaac:
Haha, I baked one leh. Next time let you try when when come here lah. April right?

Haha, yes, that obvious huh?

emotionalistic, Petite Lass:
Sure! Will post up the recipe.

Hahaha, nice or not? You like the brownies or the banana cake?