Thursday, December 24, 2009

All in 3rd trimester

Outdated post

Honeymoon no more! Now the REAL pregnancy kicks in. The bump has grown so big that I can no longer see my feet standing. My mobility has greatly reduced/restricted. I would need twice the time to walk the same distance. I get tired quite easily too. My energy level can only last for half a day. I am slowing down...... The baby is kicking/moving harder now. Sometimes, I could feel like he is swimming/stretching inside, seems like he is having lots of fun in there. On contrary, not quite a pleasant feeling for me. Oh well!

Week 30: Routine check-up, all fine. Started practicing pregnancy yoga in the hope for easy delivery. We shall see. Also attended the first session of breastfeeding course.

Week 31: Attended the 2nd(last) session of the breastfeeding course. The course has gained me great amount of knowledge about the baby, the breasts and of course breastfeeding.

Week 33: Midwife visit. All ok! I have started feeling baby hiccups, multiple times a day. Kinda cute though. :)

Week 34: Started my first session of antenatal class and was overwhelmed by tonnes of information given! There are a total of 6 sessions, once a week. I doubt I could finish the whole course before the BB arrives. We'll see..... Also started having nosebleeds and block nose this week.

Week 35: Found myself hard to get a good night sleep nowadays. The tummy has got too big it is impossible to sleep in one position throughout the night, yet it is equally difficult to change position. Sigh! As a result of this, I am constantly tired. Can't wait to be on leave....2 more weeks to go! 2nd session of antenatal class, we talked about caesarean & other intervention, What to take to hospital & when to go and watching birth video (O_O)!! Sometimes, ignorance is a bliss!

Week 36: Midwife visit at the hospital this time, we did a delivery suite tour in addition to our normal routine check-up. There are 12 delivery suites. They are all fully ensuite, fitted with either a small pool or triangular shaped bath for labor management purposes, and a nice comfy chair for labor companion/husband. All suites are very well kept, clean and of course almost spanking new! From now, I will be having weekly midwife visit till THE day.

3rd session of antenatal class, mainly talked about labor management.

Week 37: 4th session of antenatal class. Topics include Hospital stay, Newborn Appearance, Postnatal care, The changing woman’s body, Support groups, Plunket speaker, Comforting a new baby & mum (emotions), Massage, Casesaean video.
The feeling of becoming a parent is more real now and the mix-feeling is equally stronger. You know, the excitement of the baby arrival and the thought of ending the couple hood lifestyle that I have always cherished. As we embark our journey to parenthood leaving behind what we have thoroughly enjoyed for the past 13 years of companionship, I must admit there is certainly a wee reluctance in me. After-all, it is a journey full of adventures that we are heading to, outside our comfort zone. I know it ain't easy and there will be countless bumpy rides along the way, but I trust we will be strong taking on any hurdle showered on us and enjoy the valuable experience. I believe this is what we call LIFE!

Week 38: The 5th session on antenatal class, on first aid specialists CPR and feeding baby. Athan arrived on 28 Nov!!!!!!


emotionalistic said...

Now, I'm so curious about the whole labour process :). How did you feel back then?

Doreen said...

The labour was painful but in my opinion bearable and manageable. I was trying to relax at all times as this helps in lessening the pain.

jezalmy said...

I wonder Malaysia here have such course for pregnant lady? Maybe have but just I don't know.