Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Life now is.....

A nice morning though a bit chilly. Had my breakfast, internet-ing while AJ is sleeping and Norah Jones playing at the background (been listening to her everyday since don't know when, I wonder when I would get sick of her. Geez!). This is my typical morning nowadays.

It's been 3.5 months and I am slowly getting used to this "housewife" life though I feel a bit detached from the outside world sometimes. I am very much want to go back to work. Another 3 months to go. If not mistaken, this is the last week of my paid maternity leave. From next week on, I will be a leech to Rick, sucking his hard earned "blood". Hehehehe. This means the end of my shopping spree, both internet and non-internet else it is not very fair to him. Of course, I'm sure little rewards for myself are not going to crack his bank. (^_^)

So apart from looking after AJ and those humdrum house chores, what have I been busy with? NONE basically but I do have a few things piling up which hopefully will make my life much more interesting (^.^)


emotionalistic said...

Enjoy your "housewife" life to the fullest before you start work :P.

jezalmy said...

I am sure Rick won't mind to let you sucking his hard earned "Blood". As long as not over limit.

Declan Isaac said...

SAHM is the toughest job one can ever be. It should also be the highest paid job by her employer aka her hb

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Petite Lass said...

Hey, enjoy your housewife lifestyle! Hehe. My colleague told me that she was heavy-hearted when her maternity leave ended. So, cherish every moment of it ;)

Doreen said...

Yeah I think so too! (^_^)

Emm....that depends on what is his definition of "limit" loh. Hahaha

Declan Isaac:
Definitely but sadly this job is not quite appreciated by many, else we would have seen many filthy rich housewives!

Hey, thanks for popping by!

Petite Lass:
I have been told the same by many...I think I will be heavy-hearted too.

EastCoastLife said...

6 months of maternity leave! How lucky!
So what will happen to your baby son when you go back to work? Who will be looking after him?

Doreen said...

I could have taken 1 year maternity leave actually since we are entitled to it but only the first 14 weeks are paid, the rest nothing! I will put him to daycare.

Alicia said...

ahhhahahah zha boh.. who is that Norah Jones??? haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa LOL... what has she been doing? hahahahahah

Doreen said...

Norah Jones? She is a jazz singer lah, very famous and her songs very nice especially her 1st and 2nd albums.