Friday, April 23, 2010

Auckland getaway 11/04-13/04 (Part 2)

An excursion to Hamilton garden, famous for its theme gardens that depict the history of humain being. Due to time constraint, we didn't manage to explore the whole 58 hectares but only the Paradise Garden Collection.

20100412_1 Hamilton 005

Japanese Garden of Contemplation

20100412_1 Hamilton 011

Chinese Scholars Garden

20100412_1 Hamilton 012

20100412_1 Hamilton 020

20100412_1 Hamilton 021

Indian Char Bagh Garden

20100412_1 Hamilton 022

Italian Renaissance Garden

20100412_1 Hamilton 023

20100412_1 Hamilton 029

20100412_1 Hamilton 034

20100412_1 Hamilton 035

Lunch at Garden Cafe

20100412_1 Hamilton 036

20100412_1 Hamilton 040

Our portable changing station! LOL

20100412_2 Auckland 001

Back to Auckland in time for dinner at Food Alley

20100413_Auckland 010

Auckland city

20100413_Auckland 008

Off to Queenstown tomorrow. Better start packing!


tuti said...

you know, all of you (inlaws included) really look alike in some ways. like you truly belong in this family. like what they always say, husband and wife looks alike. so in your case, it extended to his family too. wonderful!

emotionalistic said...

I like the picture with the bamboo background :D. So, another getaway in Queenstown?

Doreen said...

Wah, got so "kua zhang" or not? Hahaha. Being with him for too long I guess. Hahaha

Yeah, 4 days getaway :)

EastCoastLife said...

58 hectares!? That is huge! And very beautiful.

keeyit said...

The portable changing station seems great le. hahahaha

jezalmy said...

Nice place...I like the indian char bagh garden.

Doreen said...

LOL, 1 hectare for me is big already, 58 heactares is unbelievably huge!

Hahaha, yeah. Free and easy!

It is very colourful. I myself prefer the Italian. (^_^)