Monday, May 10, 2010

My first mother's day

As a mother!

And we had it french style at Le Canard, a fine dining french restaurant which we had always wanted to try but didn't make it, three times! The food and service was top notch, so good that we raved about it till the next day! According to a food critic I read, Le Canard offers the most authentic french cuisine in Wellington.

20100508_Le Canard 001
Dug out this dress for the occasion.

20100508_Le Canard 002

20100508_Le Canard 011

20100508_Le Canard 012

20100508_Le Canard 013

My very first present from AJ (No without Rick's help of course!)

From Rick. Now I can see AJ even when I'm sipping my coffee in the office!

I spent the day out shopping and finally wore this leopard print top I got just not long ago. The weather was a bit chilly so I layered it with a black long sleeves underneath.


emotionalistic said...

Happy Mother's Day, hun! How does it feel like to be celebrating Mother's Day?

P/s: You're looking good ;).

keeyit said...

Definitely, you are a hot mum ya..
Happy mother day.

jezalmy said...

I got my first carnation and wishes from a sales gal this yr as a mother even I haven't deliver yet...haha. So funny

tuti said...

you make a great mom, doreen!
look at AJ, he looks so happy!!

tuti said...

wanted to say also that NZ has great great scenaries. all your photos like postcards!
great photographer also. ;)

Declan Isaac said...

2 tops in one day? Donald's anal abt me doing tat. lol

Doreen said...

Declan Isaac:
What's wrong with 2 tops in one day? Make full use of the clothes mah, else hanging there to populate dust and mould? LOL

Declan Isaac said...

oh, more tops means more washing. it means more water needed or frequent washing. then boils down to $.
I change my clothes daily (1 set a day and he's oredi complaining!)

Best is birthday suit. lol!

Doreen said...

OH my, like that also can? LOL. He should come live in NZ, water is free! Hahaha