Saturday, July 24, 2010

Retail therapy

Oh yeah, I had a really good day today!

We were out the whole day. I shopped, I picked and I paid, till I almost sprain my arms! LOL BUT......all for AJ NOT me! Ok, I got myself 3 pieces but he has like....MORE THAN 10!!!!!! I fall far far behind till like cannot see...LOL

image 033
Taking a shopping break at The Coffee Club

image 039
My loots - 3 pieces only!

image 037
AJ's!!! Mountain of clothes!!!! (0_0)!! He himself also stunned! LOL

On a side note, my green contact lens is making me look like a freaking alien! (>_<)! And I will have to live with it for a month (-_-) time I better stick to my purple and hazel.

image 041
Well, at least I look like a friendly alien


keeyit said...

Dont you feel wearing color contact lens will make your eyes more tired?

I tried once last time with dark brown color. I just feel not comfortable..

So, normally, I just use without color one..

emotionalistic said...

Wow...that's a lot of clothes for AJ. Got big sales there ar? lolz

tuti said...

you look gorgeous, doreen.
if aliens look like this, i want to look like one too!

tuti said...

beep beep toot toot, alien reporting to doreen's blog. hehehe.

Doreen said...

Color lens make no difference for me. May be it is the brand you tried?

keeyit said...

Acuvue is the brand that I tried last time...

Now, I do not need any contact lens. I did my lasik few years back...

Doreen said...

Haha, yes lots of sales and very tempting every time I go out.

LOL. May I come visit your spaceship?

Oh, I'm using Freshkon. Your eyes must be quite bad for you to turn to lasik? I'm sure it has saved you lots of hassle now that you don't need to wear glasses.