Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Auckland countdown T-20 days - Back from Auckland

This trip is half holidaying and half surveying. We stayed in a serviced apartment hotel right in the city centre and there were like foooooooooood everywhere. Endless choice. Man, I am liking this city life.

This is of course only some of it

20100819_Auckland Hulu Cat 001

Anyway, after first day of leisure, it was serious surveying the 2nd day. We managed to book 5 appointments to view the potential apartments but cancelled the rest after we saw the first two. We quite liked the 2nd apartment we saw and hopefully we can get it. Still yet to be confirmed. Also visited two daycare centres, very impressed with one of them. We will enrolled Athan to that one. Again, yet to be finalised.

3rd and 4th day were spent 樂 (eating, drinking, playing and laughing). LOL

So, we have done what we went to do and now is just playing the waiting game.



While waiting for boarding the plane back to Welly.......

Can't remember what so funny. lol

He just couldn't stop laughing.....

View of Auckland city from Mt Victoria. Beautiful isn't it?


emotionalistic said...

Wow. It's a beautiful place with lots of nice food huh? Lovely...

Athan sure knows how to smile to the camera all the time....haha.

tuti said...

any place with lots of food is a good place!! :D

tuti said...

start packing or not? i am sure you have. :)
lots to do. i have shifted house like 4 times, not counting shop's relocation in these 10 yrs! i know how it gets!!
remember to take breaks and reward yourself in between, haha!

Doreen said...

He likes to smile a lot (^_^)

Yes, yes, started packing a week ago but still got so many to pack. Sigh! You wanna come and help me pack? Hehehe

keeyit said...

He looks like you.

Jobless Girl said...

It is beautiful city.

Doreen said...

A lot of ppl say he is looking like the daddy.

Doreen said...

Jobless Girl:
Yes, it is indeed. You really jobless? :)