Friday, August 06, 2010

Wellington ---> Auckland FOR GOOD!

WE ARE MOVING ....Up up to the north!

This is the hardest decision we have ever made together, but it is all firmed, we are leaving Wellington to the great Auckland! For me, it will be a round trip back to where I was. I have moved around quite a bit around New Zealand, from north all the way to the south then back to north again! Let’s see….first landed in Auckland in 1995 and stayed for 1 year, then Dunedin (1 year) - Christchurch (4 years) - Wellington (9 years) and now back to Auckland (for good? Well may be!). Gosh, I have been in NZ for…….15 YEARS!!!!! My god!

Anyway, we are both very excited at the same time nervous about the move. This will be the biggest move we ever made. This too will be a big step for the both of us as the thought of living in a hectic city was never our intention. Oh well, nothing is absolute, isn’t it?

There are tonnes of things to sort out and 1 month is not long. The two big tickets are to sell our house and get a suitable place in Auckland. Hopefully they can be ticked off very soon.


Declan Isaac said...

That's really exciting! I can imagine the number of boxes your clothes and shoes will take up :)

tuti said...

woohoo!. a move is always exciting.
all the best to you and your family on your next great adventure!

jezalmy said...

Wish u can faster sell out the house with good price and happy moving. Me also will move end of this year or next year january.

emotionalistic said...

Moving to another place and the uncertainty that lies ahead can be very exciting and worrying at the same time but I'm sure you all can cope with it since you're moving back to a place you're familiar with. All the best to you and please update us once you settled down ;).

Doreen said...

Declan Isaac:
Yeah, my clothes and shoes would probably take up 1/3 of total boxes. Think about it also headache.

Thanks tuti! Hope everything goes smoothly.

Thanks. Where are you moving to?

Thanks hun! Don't you worry, there will be many posts about the move. (^_^)

keeyit said...

wowwww.. 15 years le...
you have been there since schooling time ya?