Saturday, September 11, 2010

Auckland countdown T-1 days - Bye bye Welly!

The movers came to load everything (140 items) onto the container yesterday.....



The house is back to how it was, when we first met - EMPTY! This is how it all started, and this is how it ends.



We checked ourselves into a hotel and had potluck dinner at a friend's place. We had an early night, like FINALLY!

This morning, we went back to the house, did the last bit of tidying up and checking, took some photos, locked the door and say our goodbye. I didn't shed a tear though my heart was aching. I was (still am) in denial I supposed, not letting my mind to have a single chance to wallow about all the memories built in this house.

Our empty room

One last look through our window

AJ happily crawling around in his room

Our first home, thanks for the shelter all these years

So, bye bye House.

Bye bye windy wind.


Bye bye Wellington. I will not miss you, but the people living in you. Till we meet again my Welly friends!



emotionalistic said...

It's just the beginning to your new adventures :).

p/s: I really like the full length window you have in the house.

Alicia said...

though i have stayed there just for 2 nites... i miss your house too what to say your 9 years?? in that house....空的来,空的走???

Doreen said...

The full length windows were the reason I fall in love with the house! I love house with lots of glasses and windows.

Yeah,空的来,空的走 exactly! Let's hope the house get a nice owner soon.