Monday, October 18, 2010

What we did over the weekend

We spent 5 hours shopping in Dressmart. Couldn’t help it, SALES everywhere! This thing is evil....once you start, you just keep on going like a mad cow, it is a disease. LOL. If I were to make a stop at every store, I probably would need a 10 hours straight! And of course, I was not the only guilty one, the big boy too. In fact, it was his idea to go to Dressmart. LOL I am afraid the only innocent party is AJ although I did buy him some clothes...without his consent of course! Hahahahaha

Shopping aside, we also met up with Betty, HK and Jonathan for a late lunch at Haru, a Japanese restaurant. Love the food there. Didn’t take any photos though.

Then, we had a nice catch up session with YH who came back from the UK for a brief holiday over afternoon tea at Mecca. Situated right at the Viaduct, offering good seaview, perfect setting for killing time/hanging out with friends especially on a good sunny day or a romantic sunset dinner. I was saying to Rick that we should come here for dinner one Friday night to experience the hustle and bustle.



20101017_Mecca 004



emotionalistic said... have so many friends in Auckland. It's a good thing :).

tuti said...

hehe, great that rick loves shopping too. that way you needn't feel guilty haha.
hope you grabbed nice loot!!

and send pigi a postcard now and then k? mr and mrs pigi on piggi-island! lol. trust you to come up with that. :P

Petite Lass said...

AJ is adorably cute!!! Aw....and of course, mommy is beautiful, as usual :D

Doreen said...

Actually, not many, only about a handful :(

Rick's shopping craze is seasonal. As soon as he found something decent in with a cheap price tag, HE IS ON!! And the craze is gone when there is no more fish for him. Hahahahaha

I wish I could send Pigi postcard, but the pigi island is so deserted and remote that no postal service is available :( He promised to come back and visit me during Christmas. LOL

Petite Lass:
Thanks hun (^_^)

kyh said...

i thought u're talking about me, YH. :P

is that garlic bread? yummy... :D

Doreen said...

You're a shopaholic? Yes, that's garlic bread :)