Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A new start

First week into my new job. I now have fairly good idea of what I will be involved in though am still trying to digest all the information given as much as possible. To cut the story short, it is something new, something exciting. My current company is the customer of my ex company, so it gets rather interesting.

image 101

I would like to think that I am settling well into the environment. Better than I expected!

And yes, Rick and I are in the same company, 1 floor apart. We worked in the same company too in Wellington. Fate huh! And no, Rick didn’t get me in in case you were wondering. They didn’t know till later (^_^)

Anyway, we had a full yummy breakfast at Urban cafe to kick start my first day!

20101108_Brekkie on 1st day at Vector 001
My spicy chicken omelette

20101108_Brekkie on 1st day at Vector 002
Rick's salmon egg benedict


Declan Isaac said...

U guys have been colleagues for the longest time!

emotionalistic said...

The Urban cafe is located inside your company? Nice meal for breakfast....yum :).

Doreen said...

Declan Issac:
LOL, very true and going strong!

No, the cafe is actually a few blocks away from my company (^_^).

jezalmy said...

Sound interested. hope you enjoy the new job. As for me, I rather would not same company with Brian due to both of us are the hot hot chili type

Jennifer Yap said...

ive the same thought as you when i was in Ak for 6 months.... althou traffic is terrible but like you said, food, shopping, Asian grocery stores... things are so cheap there (apart from houses price).