Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Busy, tired and exhausted

Got the house key on 28 Jan, and since then we have been busy cleaning, gearing the house up for humans. Although brand new, there are still quite a bit of cleaning up to do like wiping off the woody dust from the cupboards, shelves and wardrobes, vacuuming, mopping and whatnot. There are a lot to do before we could move in and start enjoy the house. Adding to that, AJ hasn’t been feeling well lately. He caught a cold, and we also suspect there is another tooth coming out. I guess the packing and moving too has made him unsettled. So all in all, progress is slow but I believe we could still move by end of Feb, and if we are lucky, mid Feb.

Anyway, wishing y'all a very happy year of the rabbit

Happy 2011


emotionalistic said...

We're moving into our new home mid of Feb too :). Year of rabbit!! Gong xi gong xi...hehe.

keeyit said...

Hope you and family be healthy and be happy.

Happy CNY !

tuti said...

huat ah!! dear doreen and rick and AJ! prosperity and good health always and may you have a great shifting in soon! big hugs.

Doreen said...

Oh wow, what a coincidence! Hope your move is smooth and easy.

Thanks. Gong Xi, Gong Xi.

Thanks tuti! Same goes to you!