Thursday, April 28, 2011

Welcome to my house

The house has finally come into one piece except that there is still one coffee table to be purchased. I still looking for a suitable design. Anyway, the house has 3 lounges, so we have decided to decorate each of them differently with their own theme. We get bored easily you see. LOL

Anyway, take a or tea?

House 001
The rose garden

House 002
The deck

House 004
Modern Paris

House 003
Writing desk with a suburban view

House 009
The living room

House 008
Funky twist (still looking for a suitable coffee table for this area)

House 007

House 006

House 005

House 010

House 012
The office

House 011


Winn said...

wrong profession doreen!!! you shld be a interior designer!!!!!!!! so nais!!!!!

Donald Kuok said...

This home definitely looks great than other display homes.

Declan Isaac said...

Yea .... should come design our house.

emotionalistic said...

Oh my gosh! I love every corner of your home. Just like a show house. I really like your idea of the rose garden, so sweet and romantic ;).

Doreen said...

Too old to change now. Hate to start from fresh at this old age. Hahahha

Thanks le.

Declan Isaac:
Hahaha, that's too big of a task I'm afraid. Your home looks very nice already anyway.

Thanks hun. I love that rose garden very much. It makes me feel like I am somewhere in England.

keeyit said...

You have a super super super nice house ! so comfortable ! Love the design so much

everestsays said...

doreen, every corner of the house is beautiful but still very practical! love the the roof garden! how nice to have such space and good weather!