Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mother's day

I have a great day today. Got two pressies, one from AJ (with helps from his teachers of course) and one from Rick (on behalf of AJ he says). Both I love very much!

From Rick - Free standing full length mirror (Ya, me in my pj)

From AJ - cookie and fridge magnet


But the highlight of today is this......


The first time I had this was in Paris at stall by the street near Jardindes Tuileries. It was love at first taste. Both Rick and I loved it very much. We didn't know what it was called and that was the end of it. Since then it has always been in our mind. A few days ago, Rick told me that he is going to cook me something on Mother's day. Something I love. Something we both love. Something we once had overseas. I don't know how Rick went about digging out the info, history and recipe about this thing. But, there I was after 4.5 years, happily indulging and reminiscing. It tastes just like what we had in Paris!

20061227_Paris 104
This was then. A whopping 5 euro for each of that little pack! (I looked like craps I know)

Thank you my dear, for giving me such a great and memorable day!

Happy Mother's day to all the mothers out there. Hope you too have a great one!


emotionalistic said...

Both Rick and AJ are so sweet :). A very Happy Mother's Day to you, hun. ;)

Doreen said...

Thanks dearie (^_^)