Friday, July 29, 2011

Couple day

It was an impromptu decision to take a day off, both of us. No work, no kid, just the two of us enjoying couplehood once again. We haven’t done that since AJ was born. We have been flat out with work, house move and kid these couple of years. We really needed a break, from all these.

So the day went like this:

Sent AJ off to the daycare, then arrived at our first destination- New Zealand Immigration office to get our visa transferred to our new passports. Ya still can’t get away with an errand to run. Lucky we were first in the queue. All done in 10 mins!

Breakfast at MacD. (I know, we could have done better than this like a proper breakfast at a café, but we only had 30 mins to spare!)

Caught 3D Captain America at 10am. And that was my first 3D movie also my first cinema visit in 2 years!! (OMG, can’t believe it!)


Spending some quiet time together at viaduct harbour. Rick took quite a few shots of me, will share in my up-coming post.


High tea at Cin Cin (Such a funny name eh? lol)


The day went pass so quick. Before we knew it, it was time to pick up AJ. This is a much needed break and we enjoyed every bit of it. Emm….we really should make this a regular affair.


keeyit said...

After married got kid already, most of the people will just focus on work and kid and sometimes may ignore the "couple" feeling that we used to have last time...

Good example from you. I should learn it too next time...

Doreen said...

Yeah, I reckon it is very important for the husband and wife to spend time together alone to keep that relationship growing.