Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My new little toy

I would like to say I am a person who likes to be at the forefront of things where possible. However, when it comes to technology I am way behind the crowd. Just couldn’t be bother. I have a mind of old woman in this aspect. LOL.

I remember, the first phone that caught my breath and made me proud was my Nokia 8850 Gold. It was a piece of art then, and now a piece of beautiful antique in dad’s collection. That was my only pinnacle in mobile phone. Since then, I stopped following trend. The pace was just too hard to keep up with. I couldn’t care less about the latest technology, just a phone with call and text function would suffice. Pretty old school huh! I guess I was hanging on to my 8850 and resisted to move on. Or there was nothing for me to move on to.

Then, all changed last Friday when I managed to lay my hands on the latest piece of technology – Samsung Galaxy S2. I had a long thorough consideration before I put my order down. I had my worries on how I could keep up with all these techies after been living in a “cave” for so long. And the worst fear I had of all was to use this piece of art as a “call & text” phone not utilising the best of what it can offer. That would be a real waste of my hard earned money!

Galaxy s2

That didn’t happen, luckily!

The super user friendly interface of this phone sucked me right in! I was like a little kid who has just been given a new toy (Rick’s comment), got all excited and grinned from cheek-to-cheek as I was running my fingers all over the phone! LOL I was (still am) blown away with how powerful the little gadget is, it is scary!

So yeah, I am now bringing this little baby back to my “cave”, and I think I won't be out for another 10 years (may be?) Hahaha!

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emotionalistic said...

Very nice! You got a cover for it yet? Maybe a cute one? hehe... Actually I'm still living in the cave. Not sure when I'll be joining you, depends on how often i drop my phone :P.