Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Combating the stubborn under eye dark circles

Can’t believe it is the end of August! 4 more months to go and we will be welcoming 2012, yet it feels like 2011 has only just begun. My life has been rather quiet lately, nothing much happening. It is more like hibernating through the winter though we have had a mild winter this year.

So apart from cutting my hair short, I have also been busy combating my new found enemy – under eye dark circles and eye bags! Obviously the late nights has taken its toll on me. I have been having only 6 hours of sleep (at most) almost every day since AJ was born, and that excludes the interruptions I get from AJ during that 6 hours. I suppose my body has had enough and finally showing me its colour, right under my eyes!

I have tried quite a few different eye creams, one being the much talked about Estee Lauder Idealist Eye Cooling Illuminator.

I even bought the high tech InstantFX by Skin Physics eye cream with the vibrating triple micro-massage rollers.

Well, either they are useless or I am blind. No apparent results whatsoever!

The traditional eco friendly tea-bag method does help a bit but still not too the level I wanted. Seriously, I am done with all these eye creams. To me, cheap or expensive, branded or no brand, they all deliver the same result. So I am coming to my conclusion that spending too much on an eye cream is just a waste. A basic eye cream would be just as good.

I have also spent a lot of time researching and trying on different concealers for an instant fix while waiting for my dark circles to go away. So far, no luck! Haven’t found anything that does a better job than my existing Make Up Forever 5 Camouflage Cream palette.


Anyway, I want to say that the whole exercise of finding a good eye cream and concealer is actually quite pointless. I knew these problems are due to lack of sleep yet I was trying to fix it using chemical/cosmetics interventions rather than targeting the root cause. That’s just plain silly, isn’t it? All this time, I had been wasting my time doing all those research while all I needed to do was as easy as sleeping early!

So I started hitting my sack 1 hour early for the past two days and avoid drinking too much water before bedtime (apparently too much water before bedtime can cause puffiness the next morning), and already I am starting to notice improvements on my eyes. As miracle as it sounds, it is for real! Obviously 7 hours of sleep is still not quite enough, I am now aiming for the optimum 8-hour sleep routine. That means I would have less spare time for myself but for the purpose of health and beauty, I am willing to compromise.

While adapting the new sleeping routine, I am sticking to the InstantFX eye massager twice a day as I trust it would help in the long term.


Declan Isaac said...

LOL! now u know eye cream doesnt work.
I never trust them!

The next thing is to do some laser if it gets worst. But i guess natural remedy is still the best.

Doreen said...

Well, I didn't want to believe, but now I know :(

Prati_1981 said...

Hi Doreen !! Am so glad I stumbled upon ur battling serious dark circles thanks my 8 month LO who will not sleep through out the night...guess I'll try to sleep early & check if that works for me but easier said than done !!