Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dragging my heavy feet……

I am so unmotivated lately, the result of a long dreadful winter. Winter is bad enough, yet in NZ, it feels even longer when there is not a single long weekend throughout the dull season, from mid June all the way to end of Oct. 4+ months of solid working days and the gloomy cold weather. It drains me. Every single time.

I long for a holiday. Not just a few days, but much longer! I need to recharge, I need to get away from work, I need a break from the 5 days a week 8 hour PC confrontation. My body, mind and soul need a good rest, desperately. I want Bora Bora…or Maldives…or St Tropaz…or Damai beach heck even Tanjung Lobang can do! (Ok, you won’t know the last two unless you are familiar with my hometown). But…..that won’t happen anytime soon. I could only hope for the next long weekend, which is still 4 weeks away. 

I am crawling....very slowly…….

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