Friday, October 14, 2011

The Cloud

We have finally made it to the RWC fan zone at Queens Wharf and explored the much talk about The Cloud.  The long white Cloud is the hub of showcasing New Zealand throughout this tournament through innovative displays and scrumptious food and wine.  On every match day, the whole area turns into a fan zone with live entertainment.  All the crazy dedicated rugby fans can drink the night away while cheering for the match live through the two giant tv screens.  Well, definitely not my pass time :P 

20111008_RWC 001

20111008_RWC 011
Acting like a tourist :P

20111008_RWC 058
The Cloud

20111008_RWC 062
The formula powered

AJ was having so much fun in rugby training.......

20111008_RWC 002

20111008_RWC 044

20111008_RWC 036

20111008_RWC 042

20111008_RWC 056

20111008_RWC 070

20111008_RWC 075

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