Friday, February 17, 2012

Waitangi long weekend + 元宵節

We had two long weekends in a row.  It is quite a luxury but yet makes it a challenge returning to the normal routine.   It wasn't easy!

The Waitangi weekend started off with a bang and ended with a feast to celebrate 元宵節 (^_^)

The bang set off at Ronan Keating's concert with Sharon Corr as special guest.  Sharon was great especially with her violin.  Ronan, well what can I say, he is definitely a crowd pleaser!  Charming!

001 Hulucat
Pre concert drinks at Hulucat cafe

20120203_Ronan and Sharon Concert 001
Oh I so love her dress I tell ya!

002 Concert

Then on Sat, we headed down to town for the lantern festival, but there were too many people and impossible to find a car park.  So in the end, we gave up and decided to have some fun....

20120205_AKL night 001

20120205_AKL night 004

20120205_AKL night 007

20120205_AKL night 017

Celebrated 元宵節 at Rainforest Thai restaurant.

20120206_Rainforest 001

20120206_Rainforest 003

20120206_Rainforest 009

20120206_Rainforest 005

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keeyit said...

Your pinky skirt looks like you still got the college feel le....
Nice leisure time...