Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The black cab, the double decker and the red booth

Arrived into London on Boxing day.  My comment? The Boxing Day sale is extreme madness to the max!  And I thought NZ Boxing Day sale was crazy.  People queued outside Selfriges, Harrods hours before they were even open.  Then it was chicken out of the cage.  Madness.

20111226_2 London 002
Oxford street

20111227_London 004
People queueing outside Harrods

The sale was incredible I must say.  If you are a designer brands hunter, then you are in for a real treat.  30-70% off Chloe, Jimmy Choos, Vivienne Westwood, Ferragamo, Michael Kors etc.  How’s that for a sale!  But, that’s only if you can endure the shoulder-to-shoulder, long queues, frustrations and all.  We were walking along Oxford street, and it was so crowded that we could barely walk.  Then we saw police cordoned off a big section of the street.  Apparently, there was a fatal stabbing incident outside a store just before.  We didn’t feel easy cramming through the crowd so decided to head back to our hotel.  Empty handed of course.  Then another stabbing case at the same street later that evening. *shudder*

Nonetheless, I love London.  It is such a noble place to be in.  Londoners in general are extremely well mannered and polite.  They love to queue.  You just don’t ever cut queue.  Just don’t.  Never.  Period.

I didn’t see the Queen, nor the princes or the princess.  Not a sight of the corgis either but I saw many of their horses!  LOL

20111227_London 005

20111227_London 025
The cute little one in the park

20111227_London 041a

20111227_London 036

20111227_London 038

20111227_London 056
Meet up with YH

20111227_London 040

20111227_London 063

20111227_London 065

20111227_London 067

20111227_London 070

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