Thursday, May 24, 2012

Girls getaway trip to Wellington

Two Wellington weekends in a row.  Didn't know I love Wellington that much!  LOL.  The first was a family affair, catching up with friends.  This, is a gals trip, just the two of us although I did squeeze in an hour to catch up with some ex colleagues by the lobby of my ex company.  Hahahaha

This is my first trip away without Rick and AJ since god knows how many years ago.  Before AJ, there was always Rick.  This is also my first time ever flying with a friend, a close one.  And, this too is SY’s first flying NZ domestic, a trip that she wanted to do before leaving NZ for good since she hasn’t been to anywhere but Auckland.  She moved back to Hong Kong, last week.  Truly wishing her well and hope I can visit her soon.

Anyway, back to this trip.  I was star struck at Auckland airport while waiting for boarding!!! And she is of course our very own NZ Masterchef champion (1st season), Nadia Lim, a proud Malaysian!!  And, just as I wasn’t struck hard enough, she happened to sit next to me!!!! OMG, totally heart pounding! I like her, and supported her throughout the whole Masterchef series.  She is very pretty, much prettier in real life than in tv.  We briefly chat for a moment.  She is very sweet and friendly.

With Nadia

Our hotel room - Bolton Hotel

view from our room


P 010
SY and I

P 016
saw this little satay shop along Woodward street...bought a couple to try.  They are quite authentic

P 023
Our dinner at Whitehouse

P 023a

P 031

P 034
A quick much a this cute little place called Capri

P 037

P 038

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