Friday, June 01, 2012

Caught up with my homestay mum in the weekend.  It’s been a long 17 years!!! We somehow lost contact 17 years ago when I moved to Dunedin.  Thanks to my then room mate whom I reconnected last year, I got auntie’s contact.  We both were so excited when we finally met.  We hugged tight.

Many stories were told that night.  I have learnt about uncle’s passing (my homestay father) from my roommate earlier on but to have heard the whole story from auntie, my heart sank.  I teared.  

She misses him, dearly.

I am glad auntie is all well and healthy.  She will be moving with her son and daughter in law to Melbourne next month.  All the best to the family.

Take care auntie.  Till we meet again.

20120526_With Auntie Tess

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MisSmall said...

Time really flies, doesn't it? :)

P/s: Your boy looked so adorable!