Thursday, July 05, 2012

Last week

The photobook for my Dec Europe trip has arrived.  It is a padded hard cover 50x50cm 50-page album with presentation box.  Took me more than a month to design the whole book and I must say I am very pleased with myself.  I love the cover which took me 1 whole night to complete! 

Thursday, a trip to the zoo organised by the daycare.  We joined them at the zoo as they needed some helpers.  I looked after AJ and Poppy.  Poppy is such a well behaved sweetie pie, and of course AJ is being very good boy too.  I bought him a tub of chocolate coated raisins to enjoy on the bus going back to the daycare and I was pleased to know he shared that little tub with the other kids too.  AJ is sweet that way.

20120628_Topkids zoo trip 001

Saturday lunch at Nagisa.  Friendly staff, scrumptious food and great service!

20120630_Nagisa 001

20120630_Nagisa 002

Sunday early start with McD brekkie….


…followed by a ride on the tram (the 2nd time)!  AJ wasn’t that keen the first time we brought him for a ride almost a year ago.  But what an absolute change in attitude a year later!  He was all excited and thrilled.

20120701_Wynyard and tram 001

20120701_Wynyard and tram 002

20120701_Wynyard and tram 003

20120701_Wynyard and tram 005

20120701_Wynyard and tram 013

20120701_Wynyard and tram 015

20120701_Wynyard and tram 023

20120701_Wynyard and tram 019

20120701_Wynyard and tram 026

20120701_Wynyard and tram 030

20120701_Wynyard and tram 030a

20120701_Wynyard and tram 030b

20120701_Wynyard and tram 030c

20120701_Wynyard and tram 033

20120701_Wynyard and tram 036

20120701_Wynyard and tram 037

Sunday afternoon tea at Esquires

Finally…and finally, my first ever home grown lemon after much anticipation.  I didn’t realise it was so satisfying picking fruit from my very own garden.  I just can’t wait for my feijoas!!!!



Alicia said...

so nice your photo book.... i did one for my monster girl too.....

so cute lah your lemon.... i wish here can grow sweet lemon... but can't... all bitter taste.. yucks... i love lemon... i drink lemon everyday.........

Jennifer Yap said...

loving ur photobook.. i want to have a look next time when i go up to AK to visit you :P

Doreen said...

Hehe, I did one for my little man too! Got lemon bitter one? I drink lemon every morning, good for detox I heard.

Doreen said...

Sure sure (^_^)

Alicia said...

got... M'sia lemon.. bitter de... yucks...

Kee Chua Toh said...

get a blog, I want to support by using a like button :).

Kee Chua