Thursday, July 26, 2012

Quick update + AJ unplugged

Life has been rather quiet lately with only the usual humdrum things.  Funnily it feels right, just how it should be as we are half way through the winter although it is reasonably mild so far I must admit.  But hey, if it seems like a good reason to be lazy, I will take it with both hands!

Nonetheless, we still manage to catch Avengers (I know, it is so yesterday) just a day before it was coming off screen.  Better be late than never eh!  Mind you, this is my 2nd movie in 3 years.  This kind of luxury is only on the table when parents are here.

And of course, winter being winter, the enjoyment of restaurant food will still be in the equation of our lives.  Always.  We went yum cha at this restaurant in Browns Bay which we were all quite impressed albeit little expensive.  We had buffet dinner that brought upon a sleepless night to my mum.  Poor her vomited 7 times that night.  Sorry ma L

On a lighter note, a quick shop around the mall nearby brought me to this pair of blue leather candy!  Love~~~


Lastly, let me leave you with AJ unplugged, singing Thomas and Friends theme song. LOL


Declan Isaac said...

We have been staying away from Buffet since quite long time back. One of the reason was the food was precooked and maintained at a certain temperature which is a place for bacteria to harvest, if the temp was not kept right.

Doreen said...

The food at that (chain) buffet restaurant is always mediocre, but we thought we give this particular branch a try. It proves they are all the same! I miss The Line at Shangri-la Singapore!

Declan Isaac said...

Hahaha... Did you go to THE LINE in Singapore? I would love to go again.